Human Capital, Productivity and the Labour Market

October 15-17, 2004

Final Program

This conference is the second in a series sponsored by the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) to further understanding of productivity differences across countries, especially as they relate to human capital and labour market issues.  The Human Capital and Productivity Project at the University of Western Ontario currently pays special attention to human capital and labour market related productivity differences between Canada and the United States, but the conference aims to consider a broad range of theoretical and empirical research, not limited to specific countries, on human capital, productivity and labour market issues.  Details of the current themes of the research being carried out at the University of Western Ontario can be found at the project's website.

Conference Schedule

The conference sessions will begin at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, October 16, 2004 at the Spencer Conference Centre, adjacent to the campus of the University of Western Ontario. There will be a reception, with refreshments, at the Spencer Conference Centre on the evening of Friday, October 15 to welcome the participants. Registration takes place 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. on Saturday.  A keynote address and conference dinner will take place after the sessions on Saturday afternoon.  The conference will continue with two final sessions on the morning of Sunday, October 17, ending with a lunch at 12:45 p.m.

Friday, October 15

6:00 pmReception and welcome at Spencer Conference Centre

Saturday, October 16

8:30 amRegistration and coffee
9:00 amSESSION I: Education and Worker Mobility
  "A Dynamic Analysis of Educational, Occupational, and Inter-firm Mobility Decisions"
Paul Sullivan (University of Virginia)
  "The Job Ladder"
Audra Bowlus (University of Western Ontario)and George Neumann (University of Iowa)
10:30 amCoffee Break
11:00 amSESSION II: Early Childhood Skill Formation
  "The Persistence of Early Maturity: International Evidence of Long-Run Age Effects"
Kelly Bedard (University of California, Santa Barbara) and Elizabeth Dhuey (University of California, Santa Barbara)
  "The Technology of Skill Formation"
Pedro Carneiro (University College London and Institute for Fiscal Studies), Flavio Cunha (University of Chicago) & James J. Heckman (University of Chicago and The American Bar Foundation)
12:30 pmLunch at Spencer Conference Centre
2:00 pmSESSION III: Production of Human Capital at the Post-Secondary Level
  "Internationalization of U.S. Doctorate Education"
John Bound (University of Michigan and NBER), Sarah Turner (University of Virginia and NBER) & Patrick Walsh (University of Michigan)
  "Estimating the Returns to College Quality with Multiple Proxies for Quality" Jeffrey Smith (University of Maryland) and Dan Black (Syracuse University)
  "The Contribution of Post-Secondary Education to Human Capital Stocks in Canada and the United States"
Audra Bowlus (University of Western Ontario) and Chris Robinson (University of Western Ontario)
4:15 pmCoffee break
4:45 pmKeynote Address: Eric Hanushek (Hoover Institution, Stanford University)
5:45 pmEnd of first day sessions
7:00 pmConference dinner at Spencer Conference Centre

Sunday, October 17

8:30 amSESSION IV: Causes of Sex and Race Wage Differentials
  "The Narrowing of the U.S. Gender Earnings Gap, 1969-1999: A Cohort-Based Analysis"
Catherine Weinberger (University of California, Santa Barbara) and Peter Kuhn (University of California, Santa Barbara)
  "Education and Labor-Market Discrimination"
Kevin Lang (Boston University) and Michael Manove (Boston University)
10:00 amCoffee break
10:30 amSESSION V: Determinants of Schooling Attainment
  "Parental Income Shocks and Post-Secondary Education Attendance"
Michael Coelli (University of British Columbia)
  "Did the Declining Labour Market for Low-Skilled Youth Explain the Fall in the High School Dropout Rate over the 1990s?"
Ana Ferrer (University of British Columbia) and Darren Lauzon (Family and Labour Studies Division and Research Data Centres Program, Statistics Canada)
  "Education, Credit Constraints and the Family"
Elizabeth Caucutt (University of Western Ontario) & Lance Lochner (University of Western Ontario)
12:45 pmLunch at Spencer Conference Centre
1:45 pmEnd of Conference