Mathematical tools for intermediate economics classes
Iftekher Hossain

Table of Contents

Calculus of Multivariable Functions

Don't drink and do calculus
  1. Functions of several variables

  2. Partial derivatives and the rules of differentiation

  3. Second-order partial derivatives

  4. Use of partial derivatives

  5. Use of partial derivatives: optimization of functions subject to constraints

  6. Use of partial derivatives in economics; some examples

  7. Use of partial derivatives in economics; constrained optimization

  8. Use of multivariable calculus in analyzing the producer behavior

  9. Suggested Readings

These resources do not aim to provide a complete list of examples of the math skills required to do well in the intermediate economics classes. All sections in this chapter may not be relevant for a specific course. These resources cover some basic mathematical tools used in economics with some examples and practice questions. There is a list of books at the end. These books discuss these topics in more details.

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