Professional Development

Career Services

Building successful careers in finance requires more than great technical skills.  To help Western MFE students acquire the soft skills expected of finance professionals, we offer a weekly Professional Development Series and One-on-One Career Services.

Professional Development Series

The Professional Development Series includes career-related workshops, seminars with knowledgeable experts, and finance industry professionals as speakers. Our students learn about professional behavior, ethics, global etiquette, effective oral presentations, and teamwork culture.  They also consider career choices, learn their personality strengths/weaknesses, and work to develop their emotional intelligence.  These workshops also cover resume writing, applications, networking, and technical and behavioural interviews. 

One-on-One Job Search Support

During the summer before students begin their studies, we coach them individually with resume preparation.  We circulate a Class Resume Book to potential MFE employers at various times of the year and upon request.  During the school year, we assist with resume updates, cover letters and mock interviews.  We counsel students on an as-needed basis to consider their career interests and options.