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The Value of Bitcoin

Do Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies play a useful social role or do they represent a social waste? Stephen Williamson, the Stephen A. Jarislowsky Chair in Central Banking, answers this question in a commentary (see here) for the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank.  

In Memoriam: Ronald Wonnacott

It is with great sadness that Western Economics announces the passing of Professor Emeritus Ron Wonnacott, often called the 'Father of Free Trade.' Ron was a graduate of Western and served as a faculty member from 1958 until he retired in 1996. Following his retirement, Ron remained a loyal supporter of the Department and a regular visitor at weekly coffee. He will be greatly missed. To read more about Ron's life and accomplishments see the Globe and Mail.  

Audra Bowlus Defends Economics

With DSGE models in Economics under attack after the 2008 Financial Crisis, the Gazette interviewed Audra Bowlus to get her views on the value of DSGE models and an Economics degree in general. See the Western Gazette for the full story. 

Audra Bowlus on Canada's Record-Low Unempoyment Rates

Audra Bowlus, whose research interests include labour economics, was interviewed by Jessica Vomiero of Global News for an article published January 5, 2018 regarding Canada’s record-low unemployment rates. Bowlus commented on each province and the factors involved in their increased employment rates. See Global News for the full story.