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Centre for the Study of International Economic Relations

CSIER, directed by John Whalley, employs a small staff for projects whose size fluctuates with activities. Departmental resources are limited to provision of office space. The Centre has generated grants and contracts totalling C$ 5 to 6 million.

Among recent projects executed are:

1. IDRC Tax Reform Project

The Centre, together with Fedasoroll in Colombia, co-directed a project on general equilibrium modelling of tax reform in 6 developing countries. The project volume was published by MacMillan.

2. UNCTAD Uruguay Round Modelling Project

Jointly with UNCTAD in Geneva, and supported by a grant from the Ford Foundation, the Centre has undertaken a project both reviewing existing quantitative work on the impacts of the Uruguay Round on developing countries, and initiating new work on emerging new issues (such as trade/environment; labour standards). A volume from this project also appeared from MacMillan.

3. CIDA Uruguay Round Project

On behalf of CIDA, the Centre undertook a review of 19 country cases assessing key elements of potential Uruguay Round impact for each. Project execution involved a series of country visits, and preparation of a final report. An international conference was organized by CIDA to discuss the findings of the report.

4. Vietnam Policy Reform

In partnership with CIDA, the Centre has assisted in the preparation and design of Canada's bilateral assistance program to Vietnam. A number of visits have been made, and seminars organized in Vietnam.

5. Gorbachev Foundation Capital Flight Project

The Centre cooperated with the Institute of Economics in Moscow to prepare a study of capital flight from Russia, funded by the Gorbachev Foundation. The results of the project were presented at a press conference in Moscow and widely reported in the world media (Financial Times, the Economist, etc.). Research papers prepared by the Canadian participants were published in an issue of the journal, World Economy.

6. Gorbachev Foundation Russian Tax Project

The Centre has commenced a study of the Russian tax system again in cooperation with a team from the Institute of Economics in Moscow. A very successful visit of the Russian partners to Western, Toronto and Ottawa took place in July 2000. The Canadian team will visit Russia in Spring 2001. Results will be published in Canadian and Russian outlets.

CSIER Contact: Jing WANG