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Archived Papers


2013-1 Health Insurance, Annuities, and Public Policy by Kai Zhao

2013-2 Correlated Equilibria and Communication Equilibria in All-pay Auctions by Gregory Pavlov


2012-1 Communication in Cournot Oligopoly by Maria Goltsman and Gregory Pavlov

2012-2 Specifying Nodes as Sets of Actions by Peter A. Streufert

2012-3 Additive Plausibility Characterizes the Supports of Consistent Assessments by Peter A. Streufert


2011-1 Professor Fisher and the Quantity Theory - A Significant Encounter by David Laidler


2010-1 Renegotiation-proof Mechanism Design by Zvika Neeman and Gregory Pavlov

2010-2 A Property of Solutions to Linear Monopoly Problems by Gregory Pavlov

2010-3 Optimal Mechanism for Selling Two Goods by Gregory Pavlov

2010-4 Harvard, the Chicago Tradition and the Quantity Theory: A Reply to James Ahiakpor by David Laidler and Roger Sandilands


2009-1 Social Security, Differential Fertility, and the Dynamics of the Earnings Distribution by Kai Zhao.

2009-2 Lucas, Keynes, and the Crisis by David Laidler.


2008-1 How to Talk to Multiple Audiences by Maria Goltsman and Gregory Pavlov.


2007-1 Milton Friedman - A Brief Obituary by David Laidler.

2007-2 Economics Research in Canada: A Long-Run Assessment of Journal Publications by James B. Davies, Martin G. Kocher and Matthias Sutter.


2006-1 Products of Several Relative Probabilities by Peter A. Streufert.

2006-2 Characterizing Consistency by Monomials and by Product Dispersions by Peter A. Streufert.

2006-3 A Comment on "Sequential Equilibria" by Peter A. Streufert.

2006-4 Nested Pseudo-likelihood Estimation and Bootstrap-based Inference for Structural Discrete Markov Decision Models by Hiroyuki Kasahara and Katsumi Shimotsu.

2006-5 Nonparametric Identification and Estimation of Finite Mixture Models of Dynamic Discrete Choices by Hiroyuki Kasahara and Katsumi Shimotsu.


2005-1 Monetary Equilibrium with Decentralized Trade and Learning by Luis Araujo and Braz Camargo.

2005-2 Two Characterizations of Consistency by Peter A. Streufert.


2004-1 Leakage and Comparative Advantage Implications of Agricultural Participation in Greenhouse Gas Emission Mitigation by Heng-Chi Lee, Bruce A. McCarl, Uwe A. Schneider and Chi-Chung Chen.

2004-2 U.S. Agricultural and Forest Carbon Sequestration Over Time: An Economic Exploration by Heng-Chi Lee and Bruce A. McCarl.

2004-3 Estimating Leakage from Forest Carbon Sequestration Programs by Brian C. Murray, Bruce A. McCarl and Heng-Chi Lee.

2004-4 The Dynamic Competitiveness of U.S. Agricultural and Forest Carbon Sequestration by Heng-Chi Lee and Bruce A. McCarl.


2003-1 Firm Property Rights, Bargaining, and Internalization by Lisandro Abrego and John Whalley.

2003-2 Short and Long Run Decompositions of OECD Wage Inequality Changes by T. Huw Edwards and John Whalley.

2003-3 Chicago Monetary Traditions by David Laidler.

2003-4 Migration and Pollution by Raghbendra Jha and John Whalley.

2003-5 Taxes and Traffic in Asian Cities: Ownership and Use Taxes on Autos in Singapore by Ngee-Choon Chia, Albert K.C. Tsui and John Whalley.

2003-6 What Was Lost with IS-LM by Roger Backhouse and David Laidler.

2003-7 Monetary Policy without Money: Hamlet without the Ghost by David Laidler.

2003-8 Meltzer's History of the Federal Reserve by David Laidler.

2003-9 Products of Representations Characterize the Products of Dispersions and the Consistency of Beliefs by Peter A. Streufert.

2003-10 The Price Level, Relative Prices, and Economic Stability: Aspects of the Inter-War Debate by David Laidler.