Specialization in Economics

The Specialization in Economics Module is a 4 year Degree. This module is designed for students specializing in Economics as undergraduates. Students are encouraged to take their subsidiary course options outside of the Economics Department.

Progression in these modules will be assessed in May. Those who have not met the requirements at that time will have their registration changed. If module requires are completed during the summer term you may email econugrd@uwo.ca with your student number to request admittance.

Scholarship eligibility is affected if courses are dropped. Students must have five full courses in the current year as well as in the previous year of study (summer courses are excluded).

Specialization Module

Admission Requirements

Completion of first-year requirements, including Economics 1021A/B and 1022A/B, or the former Economics 1020, with no mark less than 60%. Students who fail to meet the 60% in any of these courses may take a Specialization if they have a grade of at least 60% in each of Economics 2150A/B and 2152A/B. (Engineering students and Science students may substitute Economics 2001A/B and Applied Math 1413, please see department for details.)

Students should note the mathematics prerequisites for some of the courses required in the module:

  • Economics 2122A/B, Economics 2150A/B and Economics 2152A/B require high school calculus or Mathematics 0110A/B for registration
  • Economics 2123A/B requires one of Mathematics 1225A/B, Calculus 1000A/B, Calculus 1500A/B or the former Calculus 1100A/B for registration

9.0 Courses:

3.0 courses: Economics 2122A/B, 2123A/B, 2150A/B, 2151A/B, 2152A/B, 2153A/B.*
6.0 additional courses in Economics, up to 1.5 of which may be courses at the 3000 level (excluding Economics 3320A/B, 3382A/B, 3388A/B).**

*Students who have taken an introductory statistics course that is an antirequisite to Economics 2122A/B can substitute that course for Economics 2122A/B (exception: if the statistics course is being used in another module, no credit overlap is allowed, and students are required to replace Economics 2122A/B with another 0.5 course in Economics at the 2100 level or higher).

**Students who have completed Economics 2122A/B, 2123A/B, 2150A/B, 2151A/B, 2152A/B and 2153A/B with no mark less than 75%, and who have completed Calculus 1000A/B, or Calculus 1500A/B or the former Calculus 1100A/B with a mark of 60% or higher, may request permission to take courses in Economics at the 3000 level, excluding Economics 3320A/B, 3382A/B and 3388A/B. [Students who completed Economics 2122A/B, 2123A/B, 2150A/B, 2151A/B, 2152A/B and 2153A/B before September, 2009, may request to take Economics courses at the 3000 level in accordance with the requirements outlined in the description of this module in the Faculty of Social Science section of the 2008 Academic Calendar.]