Western Undergraduate Economics Review

Format and Style Guidelines


  • Submit your manuscript, including tables, figures, etc., as a single WORD file
  • Fonts: Times New Roman, single spacing, 12 point in the body of the paper, 10 point for footnotes
  • Alignment: Justified in block format
  • Margins: Left and right 1.25”; top and bottom 1”
  • Charts and tables:
    • Provide titles or labels
    • Caption font: Times New Roman, 10 point, single spacing
    • Sources for tables should be cited below each table
    • If tables or figures do not originate from WORD, insert as .jpegs or .gifs
  • Headings: If using headings, keep them consistent and logical in terms of style and numbering.
  • Mathematics: Separate mathematical expressions from the main text using a space above and below.
  • Footnotes: Place at the bottom of the page on which they are referenced rather than at the end of the paper. Footnote numbers follow rather than precede punctuation

Style Tips

  • Write acronyms in full the first instance, after which abbreviations can be used
  • Spell out 'percent' in the text; may use '%' in tables
  • Avoid run-on sentences
  • Limit use of passive voice
  • Be consistent with verb tense, switching only when necessary for your meaning
  • Check for subject-verb agreement (e.g., word 'data' is plural, expression like "group of workers" is singular)


  • Make sure all sources are fully and accurately documented using the Chicago Style – Author/Date System [See Citation Guidelines, or use RefWorks, with 'Chicago 16th Edition (Author-Date System)' as your bibliographical output style].