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Previous Year Syllabi

Fall 2015

1000 - Level Courses

Course Number




1021A 001 Principles of Microeconomics Trela
1021A 002 Principles of Microeconomics Rivers, E.
1021A 003 Principles of Microeconomics Hammond
1021A 004 Principles of Microeconomics Kahnert
1021A 650 Principles of Microeconomics Hammond
1022A 001 Principles of Macroeconomics Gillmore

2000-Level Courses

Course NumberSection(s)NameInstructor
2001A 001 Economics for Engineering and Science Students Gillmore
2122A 001 Econometrics I Gillmore
2122A 002 Econometrics I Gillmore
2124A 001 Economic Development I MacDonald
2138F 001 Microeconomic Policy Chung
2150A 001 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory I Trela
2150A 002/003 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory I Rivers, E.
2151A 001 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory II Stirling
2152A 001 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory and Policy I Fadiya
2152A 002 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory and Policy I MacDonald
2154A 001 Money McKeon
2156A 001 Labour Economics - Bargaining Stirling
2159A 001 Public Finance - Expenditure Trela
2160A 001 Public Finance - Revenue Bhatia
2166F 001 Economics of Air Transportation Kahnert
2167A 001 International Economics McKeon
2172A 001 Natural Resource and Environmental Economics Trela
2191A 001 Risk and Financial Institutions McKeon

Honors Courses

Course NumberSection(s)NameInstructor
2210A 001 Principles of Mathematical Economics I Stirling
2220A 001/002 Intermediate Macroeconomics I Cociuba
2222A 001/002 Intermediate Econometrics I Mehta
2260A 001/002 Intermediate Microeconomics I Zheng
2288F 001 Economic Policy I Chung
3320A 001 Advanced Macroeconomic Theory I Caucutt
3328A 001 Public Finance: Expenditure Bhatia
3330A 001 Advanced Monetary Theory Khan
3332A 001 Financial Economics Bester
3363F 001 Political Economy I Slivinski
3382A 001 Advanced Microeconomic Theory I Pavlov
3388A 001 Applied Econometrics I Bester
4400E 001 Senior Research Seminar in Economics Sicular/Saunders/Castro

Winter 2016

1000-Level Courses

Course NumberSection(s)NameInstructor
1021B 001 Principles of Microeconomics Trela
1022B 001 Principles of Macroeconomics Rivers, E.
1022B 002/004 Principles of Macroeconomics Gillmore
1022B 003 Principles of Macroeconomics Hammond
1022B 650 Principles of Macroeconomics Walker

2000-Level Courses

Course NumberSection(s)NameInstructor
2123B 001/002 Econometrics II Stirling
2125B 001 Economic Development I MacDonald
2129B 001 Managerial Economics Slivinski
2139G 001 Macroeconomic Policy MacDonald
2150B 001 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory I Cho
2151B 001 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory II Chung
2152B 001 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory and Policy I Wang
2152B 002 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory and Policy I Khan
2153B 001 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory and Policy II McKeon
2155B 001 Labour Economics - Theory Stirling
2157G 001 Urban Economics Rivers, E.
2162B 001 Comparative International Business McKeon
2165G 001 Industrial Organization Chung
2169G 001 Economics of Health Care Trela
2181B 001 Foundations of Financial Economics McKeon
2182B 001 Economics of Sports Gillmore
2184B 001 Cost Benefit Analysis Trela

Honors Courses

Course NumberSection(s)NameInstructor
2221B 001 Intermediate Macroeconomics II Short
2223B 001/002 Intermediate Econometrics II Saunders
2261B 001 Intermediate Microeconomics II Rosborough
2261B 002 Intermediate Microeconomics II Rosborough
2289G 001 Economic Policy II Davies
3318G 001 Making a Living in the Middle Ages Cross list with History
3324G 001 Economic Development I Sicular
3329B 001 Public Finance: Taxation Davies
3344B 001 Labour Economics I Robinson
3352B 001 International Trade Khan
3362B 001 Empirical Industrial Organization Rivers, D.
3364B 001 Industrial Organization I Slivinski
4400E 001 Senior Research Seminar in Economics Castro/Saunders/Sicular

Special Topics Offered 2016:

Economics 3395B - Entrepreneurship

The course studies the occupational and financial choices of entrepreneurs, as well as the original decision to become an entrepreneur and analyzes the impacts of policies related to entrepreneurship.  Sample questions that are addressed include: Which individuals choose to become entrepreneurs? Why do some self-finance their enterprises and others use financial intermediaries? How does the tax system affect the level of investment,  growth of enterprise, and wealth accumulation of entrepreneurs.

Economics 3396B - Family

In this course we will study various economic theories of household behaviour and examine how they can be used to understand economic/social issues around the world. We will consider various theories of family formation and decision making, looking at how households form and how they make fertility, investment (human capital and physical capital), and labour supply decisions. We will use these models to account for trends over time and across countries and groups. Lastly, we will evaluate the effects of various governmental policies that affect fertility and family formation within these frameworks.