Invitation for Research Affiliates

This web page has been created to inform Research Affiliates of relevant project activities, and to facilitate the exchange of ideas and sharing of research papers for comments.

We encourage our Affiliates to submit research papers (preferably in pdf format) to Leslie Kostal ( Please supply an e-mail address where readers can send comments and feedback.

Draft Papers for Comment

Binkai CHEN, Ming LU and Ninghua ZHONG, Hukou and Consumption Heterogeneity: Migrants' Expenditure is Depressed by Institutional Constraints in Urban China (February 2012).

Yang YAO and Ninghua Zhong, Unions and Workers' Welfare in Chinese Firms, July, 2012, forthcoming in Journal of Labor Economics.

Yitao JIANG, Xiaojun SHI, Shunming ZHANG and Jingjing JI, The Threshold Effect of High-Level Human Capital Investment on China's Urban-Rural Income Gap (January 28, 2011)

Ninghua ZHONG, Can Rural Industrialization Keep Working in China?  Economic Research Journal, Vol. 46 (1), January 2011, pp. 18-28. (In Chinese).

Zhao CHEN, Shiqing JIANG, Ming LU and Hiroshi SATO, How Do Heterogeneous Social Distances Affect the Neighborhood Effect in Rural-Urban Migration? Empirical Evidence and Policy Simulation from China (July 4, 2010).

Shiqing JIANG, Ming LU and Hiroshi SATO, Identity, Inequality, and Happiness: Evidence from Urban China


Seminars and Workshops