Organizing Committee and Affiliates

Amit Chakma
President of UWO

Gregory Chin
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science and Faculty of Graduate Studies, York University

Andy Cooper
Associate Director and Distinguished Fellow, CIGI

Li Shi
Professor, BNU

Wang Tongsan
Director of the Institute of Quantitative and Technical Economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Gregory Shea
Vice President for Government Affairs, Asia Pacific Region, Research in Motion (RIM)

Zhang Yuyan
Director of the Institute of World Economics and Politics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Mary Lovely
Syracuse University

Nicholas Crafts
Director of ESRC Research Centre on Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy (CAGE)

Robert E. Crow
Vice President, Industry, Government & University Relations, Research In Motion Limited

Terry Sicular
Professor, UWO

Jim Davies
Professor, UWO

Manmohan Agarwal
CIGI Senior Visiting Fellow

Paul Beamish
Professor, UWO
Director, Ivey Publishing
Director, Asian Management Institute
Director, Engaging Emerging Markets Research Centre
Donald L. Triggs Chair in International Business
Canada Research Chair in International Management
Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada

Conklin, David
Professor, James D. Fleck Professor in International Business

Yao Shujie
Head of School and Professor of Economics and Chinese Sustainable Development School of Contemporary Chinese Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences ,The University of Nottingham

Mario B. Lamberte
Asian Development Bank Institute

Aled Abiorwerth
The Economic Analysis Directorate, Environment Canada

Qin Xiangdong
Jiao Tong University

Zhao Zhongxiu
UIBE, Chinabut also other BRIC countries. It focuses on 5 themes.


Lu Ming
Zhong Ninghua
Zhang Yuan
Fan Maoqing
Mao Risheng
Xing Chunbing
Li Xiaoying
Huang Wei
Zhao Xiliang
Li Chunding
Shi Xiaojun
Xin Xian
Yue Ximing
Yan Dong
Huifang Tian
Yuezhou Cai
Wang Li