Admission Requirements

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For admission to the Master of Financial Economics Program, applicants must possess a BA  i.e. four-year degree from an accredited university. The program requires at least a 78% overall average in the last two full-time years of the undergraduate degree. Equivalent qualifications may be considered based on the standards of the discipline or profession. Candidates with a 3 year general degree are not eligible.

It should be emphasized that admission to the MFE Program is highly competitive. As a result, satisfying the minimum requirements will not guarantee admission to the program. All applications will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee. Students are encouraged to reference our Admission Requirements Checklist to determine their eligibility.  We do not prescreen applicants. 

International Students

International applicants often have additional questions regarding eligibility and status. We encourage students to visit our FAQ page with a particular focus on the FAQ International Students section. The required educational background for students with a degree from a non-Canadian university is the same as for students with a degree from a Canadian university (i.e. as described above). However, students from non-Canadian universities must complete the GRE or GMAT exam. If you do not have a degree from an English language university, you  must also provide proof of proficiency in English (see the formal requirements on the How to Apply page).