Research Grant Funding

SSHRCC Insight Grants

Apr 2015 - Mar 2020 Rui Castro Financing Frictions and Economic Development
Apr 2015 - Mar 2020 Sílvia Gonçalves Bootstrap Methods for High Frequency Returns with Jumps
Apr 2015 - Mar 2020 Greg Pavlov (PI)
Maria Goltsman
Communication in Games with Strategic Complementarities
Apr 2015 - Mar 2020 Charles Zheng (PI)
Tim Conley
Auction in Dynamic Settings: Theory and Empirics
Mar 2014 - Mar 2019 Audra Bowlus (PI)
Chris Robinson
Understanding the Evolution of Human Capital Through Skills
Apr 2013 - Mar 2018 James MacGee (PI)
Igor Livshits
Consumer Credit, Bankruptcy and Consumption over the Business Cycle
Apr 2012 - Mar 2017 Lance Lochner (PI)
Betsy Caucutt
Human Capital, Credit and Education Policy
Apr 2012 - Mar 2017 Salvador Navarro (PI)
David Rivers
Empirical Methods for the Analysis of Production Functions and Productivity
Apr 2012 - Mar 2017 Todd Stinebrickner Decisions and Outcomes in the University and Early Post-University Periods

SSHRCC Insight Development Grants

Jun 2016 - May 2018 Simona Cociuba Macroeconomic Implications of Bank Risk Taking in the Presence of Monetary Policy and Financial Regulations
Jun 2016 - May 2018 Charles Saunders Finite-sample Spatial Econometric Models: Theory and Application

NSERC Discovery Grants

Apr 2014 - Mar 2019 Sílvia Gonçalves Bootstrap Methods for Testing and Forecasting with Estimated Factors
Apr 2014 - Mar 2019 Lars Stentoft Finite Mixture Models and Their Use for Option Pricing and Risk Management

IDRC - International Research Initiative on Adaption to Climate Change


CIGI - INET Research Grants

Jan 2014 - Dec 2016 Terry Sicular The Middle Class and China's Economic Development