Andrés Carvajal

Adjunct Associate Professor
Ph.D. Brown University, 2003

Andres Carvajal

Office: NA
Telephone: 519-661-3500

Curriculum Vitae
Personal Website

Research Interests

Financial Markets; General Economic Equilibrium

Teaching Fields

Financial Economics; Mathematics for Economics, Microeconomics, Game Theory

Representative Publications

"On Refutability of the Nash Bargaining Solution," Journal of Mathematical Economics 50 (5): 177-186 (2014), with N. González.

"Nonparametric Analysis of Multi-product Oligopolies," Economic Theory 57 (2): 253-277 (2014), with R. Deb, and J. Fenske.

"Revealed Preference Tests of the Cournot Model," Econometrica 81: 2351-79 (2013), with R. Deb, J. Fenske and J. Quah.

"Competition in Financial Innovation," Econometrica 80: 1895-936 (2012), with M. Rostek and M. Weretka.

"No-arbitrage, State Prices and Trade in Thin Financial Markets," Economic Theory 50: 223-68 (2012), with M. Weretka.

"Idiosyncratic Risk and Financial Policy," Journal of Economic Theory 146: 1569-97 (2011), with H. Polemarchakis.

"The Testable Implications of Competitive Equilibrium in Economies with Externalities," Economic Theory 45: 349-78 (2010).