Nirav Mehta

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania, 2011

Nirav Mehta

Office: SSC 4037
Telephone: 519-661-2111 Ext. 85284
Fax: 519-661-3666

Curriculum Vitae
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Research Interests

Empirical Microeconomics, Structural Estimation, Public Economics, Empirical Contracts, Economics of Education, and Health Economics

Teaching Fields

Public Economics, Econometrics, Applied Econometrics, Economics of Education

Representative Publications

Mehta, Nirav. “Measuring Quality for Use in Incentive Schemes: The Case of ‘Shrinkage’ Estimators,” forthcoming, Quantitative Economics.

Mehta, Nirav. “The Potential Output Gains from Using Optimal Teacher Incentives: An Illustrative Calibration of a Hidden Action Model,” forthcoming, Economics of Education Review.

"Ability Tracking, School and Parental Effort, and Student Achievement: A Structural Model and Estimation," forthcoming, Journal of Labor Economics (with C. Fu).

"An Economic Approach to Generalizing Findings from Regression-Discontinuity Designs," forthcoming, Journal of Human Resources.

"Competition in Public School Districts: Charter School Entry, Student Sorting, and School Input Determination," International Economic Review 58(4): 1089-1116 (2017).