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2021-1 Personal Gini Coefficients by James B. Davies

2021-2 A Category for Extensive-Form Games by Peter A. Streufert

2021-3 Specifying A Game-Theoretic Extensive Form As An Abstract 5-Ary Relation by Peter A. Streufert

2021-4 Old Age Savings and House Price Shocks by Rory McGee

2021-5 Lucas (1972), A Personal View from the Wrong Side of the Subsequent Fifty Years by David Laidler

2021-6 The Inner Workings of a Hub-and-Spoke Cartel in the Automotive Fuel Industry by Daniel Chaves and Marco Duarte


2020-1 Distributional Effects of Flooding, with an Application to a Major Urban Area by James B. Davies and Samantha L. Black

2020-2 Botswana's Fiscal Policy, Monetary Policy, and Exchange Rate Policy: Three Instruments and Three Targets? by J. Clark Leith

2020-3 Reforming Canada's Disaster Assistance Programs by James B. Davies

2020-4 The Category of Node-and-Choice Extensive-Form Games by Peter A. Streufert

2020-5 European Puts, Credit Protection, and Endogenous Default by Jorge Cruz Lopez and Alfredo Ibanez


2019-1 Trading Motives in Asset Markets by Zijian Wang

2019-2 Immigrants and Exports: Firm-level Evidence from Canada by Miguel Cardoso and Ananth Ramanarayanan

2019-3 Discerning Solution Concepts by Nail Kashaev and Bruno Salcedo

2019-4 Assessing Misspecification and Aggregation for Structured Preferences by Roy Allen and John Rehbeck

2019-5 Revealed Statistical Consumer Theory by Roy Allen, Pawel Dziewulski, and John Rehbeck


2018-1 Filling the Gap: Long Run Canadian Wealth Inequality in International Context by James B. Davies and Livio Di Matteo

2018-2 Demographics and Sectoral Reallocations: A Search Theory with Immobile Workers by Simona E. Cociuba and James C. MacGee (Updated August 2018)

2018-3 Equivalences Among Five Game Specifications, Including a New Specification Whose Nodes are Sets of Past Choices by Peter A. Streufert

2018-4 Why the Fuss? - Friedman (1968) After Fifty Years by David Laidler

2018-5 The Collapse and Recovery of the Capital Share in East Germany After 1989 by Simona E. Cociuba

2018-6 The Category of Node-and-Choice Forms, with Subcategories for Choice-Sequence Forms and Choice-Set Forms by Peter A. Streufert


2017-1 International Risk Sharing with Endogenously Segmented Asset Markets by Simona E. Cociuba and Ananth Ramanarayanan (Updated September 2018)

2017-2 A Non-Parametric Approach to Testing the Axioms of the Shapely Value with Limited Data by Victor Aguiar, Roland Pongou and Jean-Baptiste Tondji


2016-1 The Gini Coefficient and Personal Inequality Measurement by James B. Davies

2016-2 The Category of Node-and-Choice Preforms for Extensive-Form Games by Peter A. Streufert. (September 2016 Addendum)

2016-3 Random Categorization and Bounded Rationality by Victor H. Aguiar

2016-4 Economic Ideas, the Monetary Order and the Uneasy Case for Policy Rules by David Laidler

2016-5 The Category of Node-And-Choice Forms for Extensive-Form Games by Peter A. Streufert

2016-6 Managing Risk Taking with Interest Rate Policy and Macroprudential Regulations by Simona E. Cociuba, Malik Shukayev and Alexander Ueberfeldt (Updated September 2017; November 2018)


2015-1 Specifying Nodes as Sets of Choices by Peter A. Streufert

2015-2 Concisely Specifying Choices in an Outcome-Set Form by Peter A. Streufert

2015-3 Choice-Set Forms are Dual to Outcome-Set Forms by Peter A. Streufert


2013-1 Health Insurance, Annuities, and Public Policy by Kai Zhao

2013-2 Correlated Equilibria and Communication Equilibria in All-pay Auctions by Gregory Pavlov


2012-1 Communication in Cournot Oligopoly by Maria Goltsman and Gregory Pavlov

2012-2 Specifying Nodes as Sets of Actions by Peter A. Streufert

2012-3 Additive Plausibility Characterizes the Supports of Consistent Assessments by Peter A. Streufert


2011-1 Professor Fisher and the Quantity Theory - A Significant Encounter by David Laidler