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2010-1 Renegotiation-proof Mechanism Design by Zvika Neeman and Gregory Pavlov

2010-2 A Property of Solutions to Linear Monopoly Problems by Gregory Pavlov

2010-3 Optimal Mechanism for Selling Two Goods by Gregory Pavlov

2010-4 Harvard, the Chicago Tradition and the Quantity Theory: A Reply to James Ahiakpor by David Laidler and Roger Sandilands


2009-1 Social Security, Differential Fertility, and the Dynamics of the Earnings Distribution by Kai Zhao.

2009-2 Lucas, Keynes, and the Crisis by David Laidler.


2008-1 How to Talk to Multiple Audiences by Maria Goltsman and Gregory Pavlov.


2007-1 Milton Friedman - A Brief Obituary by David Laidler.

2007-2 Economics Research in Canada: A Long-Run Assessment of Journal Publications by James B. Davies, Martin G. Kocher and Matthias Sutter.


2006-1 Products of Several Relative Probabilities by Peter A. Streufert.

2006-2 Characterizing Consistency by Monomials and by Product Dispersions by Peter A. Streufert.

2006-3 A Comment on "Sequential Equilibria" by Peter A. Streufert.

2006-4 Nested Pseudo-likelihood Estimation and Bootstrap-based Inference for Structural Discrete Markov Decision Models by Hiroyuki Kasahara and Katsumi Shimotsu.

2006-5 Nonparametric Identification and Estimation of Finite Mixture Models of Dynamic Discrete Choices by Hiroyuki Kasahara and Katsumi Shimotsu.


2005-1 Monetary Equilibrium with Decentralized Trade and Learning by Luis Araujo and Braz Camargo.

2005-2 Two Characterizations of Consistency by Peter A. Streufert.


2004-1 Leakage and Comparative Advantage Implications of Agricultural Participation in Greenhouse Gas Emission Mitigation by Heng-Chi Lee, Bruce A. McCarl, Uwe A. Schneider and Chi-Chung Chen.

2004-2 U.S. Agricultural and Forest Carbon Sequestration Over Time: An Economic Exploration by Heng-Chi Lee and Bruce A. McCarl.

2004-3 Estimating Leakage from Forest Carbon Sequestration Programs by Brian C. Murray, Bruce A. McCarl and Heng-Chi Lee.

2004-4 The Dynamic Competitiveness of U.S. Agricultural and Forest Carbon Sequestration by Heng-Chi Lee and Bruce A. McCarl.


2003-1 Firm Property Rights, Bargaining, and Internalization by Lisandro Abrego and John Whalley.

2003-2 Short and Long Run Decompositions of OECD Wage Inequality Changes by T. Huw Edwards and John Whalley.

2003-3 Chicago Monetary Traditions by David Laidler.

2003-4 Migration and Pollution by Raghbendra Jha and John Whalley.

2003-5 Taxes and Traffic in Asian Cities: Ownership and Use Taxes on Autos in Singapore by Ngee-Choon Chia, Albert K.C. Tsui and John Whalley.

2003-6 What Was Lost with IS-LM by Roger Backhouse and David Laidler.

2003-7 Monetary Policy without Money: Hamlet without the Ghost by David Laidler.

2003-8 Meltzer's History of the Federal Reserve by David Laidler.

2003-9 Products of Representations Characterize the Products of Dispersions and the Consistency of Beliefs by Peter A. Streufert.

2003-10 The Price Level, Relative Prices, and Economic Stability: Aspects of the Inter-War Debate by David Laidler


2002-1 Are Price Controls Necessarily Bad? The Case of Vietnam by Madanmohan Ghosh and John Whalley.

2002-2 Adaptation, Internalization and Environmental Damage by Lisandro Abrego and John Whalley.

2002-3 Discreteness and the Welfare Cost of Labour Supply Tax Distortions by Keshab Bhattarai and John Whalley.

2002-4 How Often Are Propositions On The Effects Of Regional Trade Agreements Theoretical Curiosa And When Should They Guide Policy? by Lisandro Abrego, Raymond Riezman and John Whalley.

2002-5 The ARAR Error Model for Univariate Time Series and Distributed Lag Models by R. A. L. Carter and A. Zellner.

2002-6 The Singularity of the Information Matrix of the Mixed Proportional Hazard Model by Geert Ridder and Tiemen Woutersen.

2002-7 Statutory Tax Burden and Its Avoidance in Transitional Russia by Vlad Ivanenko.

2002-8 Robustness against Incidental Parameters by Tiemen Woutersen.

2002-9 Two Views of the Lender of Last Resort: Thornton and Bagehot by David Laidler.

2002-10 Adaptive Estimation of the Dynamic Linear Model with Fixed Effects by Tiemen Woutersen and Marcel Voia.

2002-11 A Pleasant Homeomorphism for Conditional Probability Systems by Peter A. Streufert.

2002-12 Minimal Asymptotic Distributions for Estimators of Panel Data Models by Tiemen M. Woutersen.

2002-13 Precocious British Industrialization: A General Equilibrium Perspective by N. F. R. Crafts and C. Knick Harley.

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2001-1 From Bimetallism to Monetarism: the Shifting Political Affiliation of the Quantity Theory by David Laidler.

2001-2 Public Profit Sharing by Ronnie Schöb.

2001-3 Phillips in Retrospect by David Laidler.

2001-4 Skidelsky’s Keynes: a Review Essay by David Laidler.

2001-5 Intra-Sector Mobility and Specific Inputs in Tax-Incidence Theory by Kul B. Bhatia.

2001-6 The Role of the History of Economic Thought in Modern Macroeconomics by David Laidler.

2001-7 Bargaining with Interdependent Values by Raymond Deneckere and Meng-Yu Liang.

2001-8 Twentieth Century Monetary Regimes in Canadian Perspective by C. Knick Harley.

2001-9 The Singularity of the Efficiency Bound of the Mixed Proportional Hazard Model by Geert Ridder and Tiemen Woutersen.

2001-10 Robustness Against Incidental Parameters and Mixing Distributions by Tiemen Woutersen.

2001-11 (TERF Report 2001-1) Tax Evasion and Trust by Ronald Wintrobe.

2001-12 (TERF Report 2001-2) Canadian Retirement Savings Programs and Russian Pension Reform by Joel Fried.

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2000-1 On Inflation as a Regressive Consumption Tax by Andrés Erosa and Gustavo Ventura.

2000-2 Highlights of the Bullionist Controversy by David Laidler.

2000-3 Financial Intermediation and Occupational Choice in Development by Andrés Erosa.

2000-4 An Early Harvard Memorandum on anti-Depression Policies. Introductory Note by David Laidler and Roger Sandilands.

2000-5 Remedies for Financial Crises in the Classical and Neoclassical Literature by David Laidler.

2000-6 A Critical Survey of Empirical Methods for Evaluating Active Labor Market Policies by Jeffrey Smith.

2000-7 Economic Efficiency and QALY-based Cost-Utility Analysis in Health Care by Åke Blomqvist.

2000-8 The Relationship Between Family Income and Schooling Attainment: Evidence from a Liberal Arts College with a Full Tuition Subsidy Program by Todd R. Stinebrickner and Ralph Stinebrickner.

2000-9 Working During School and Academic Performance by Todd R. Stinebrickner and Ralph Stinebrickner.

2000-10 The Game of Negotiations: Ordering Issues and Implementing Agreements by Lutz-Alexander Busch and Ignatius J. Horstmann.

2000-11 The New Federalism: Distributional Conflict, Voluntarism, and Segregation by Ignatius J. Horstmann and Kimberley A. Scharf.

2000-12 Endogenous Majority Rules with Changing Preferences by Mattias Polborn.

2000-13 Dynamic Arbitrage-free Asset Pricing with Proportional Transaction Costs by Xiaotie Deng, Chunlei Xu and Shunming Zhang.

2000-14 Optimal Central Bank Conservatism and Monopoly Trade Unions by Helge Berger, Carsten Hefeker and Ronnie Schoeb.

2000-15 Taxes and Marriage: A Two-Sided Search Analysis by Hector Chade and Gustavo Ventura.

2000-16 High Closing by Joel Fried.

2000-17 Optimal Tax Mix in a Two-Sector Growth Model with Transitional Dynamics by James B. Davies, Jie Zhang and Jinli Zeng.

2000-18 Evaluating Profiling as a Means of Allocating Government Services by Mark C. Berger, Dan Black and Jeffrey Smith.

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1999-1 Public Policy, Price Distortions, and Investment Rates by Diego Restuccia and Carlos Urrutia.

1999-2 Labor Supply, Divorce and Remarriage by Shannon N. Seitz.

1999-3 Stochastic Threshold Models on Interest Rate by Huirong Li and Jian Yang.

1999-4 Modeling Stock Volatility with Trading Information by Huirong Li and Jian Yang.

1999-5 Tit for Tat: Foundations of Preferences for Reciprocity in Strategic Settings by Uzi Segal and Joel Sobel.

1999-6 Evaluating Tax Reform in Vietnam Using General Equilibrium Methods by Nguyen Chan, Madanmohan Ghosh and John Whalley.

1999-7 The Value of MFN Treatment to Developing Countries by Madanmohan Ghosh, Carlo Perroni and John Whalley.

1999-8 Endogenous Effort and Intersectoral Labour Transfers Under Industrialization by Madanmohan Ghosh and John Whalley.

1999-9 An Economic Theory of the GATT: A Generalization by Paul Wonnacott and Ronald J. Wonnacott.

1999-10 Forecast Performance of Threshold Autoregressive Models - A Monte Carlo Study by Abdurrahman Bekir Aydemir.

1999-11 Information and Dynamic Adjustment in Life Insurance Markets by Mattias K. Polborn, Mike Hoy and Asha Sadanand.

1999-12 Constitutional Conservatism and Resistance to Reform by Matthias Messner and Mattias K. Polborn.

1999-13 Is the Threat of Training More Effective Than Training Itself? Experimental Evidence from the UI System by Dan A. Black, Jeffrey A. Smith, Mark C. Berger and Brett J. Noel.

1999-14 Tax Incidence with Three Goods and Two Primary Factors: Theory and Applications by Kul B. Bhatia.

1999-15 Solutions for Some Dynamic Problems with Uncertainty Aversion by Hiroyuki Ozaki and Peter A. Streufert.

1999-16 Team Incentives and Organizational Form by Al Slivinski.

1999-17 Slobodan Milosevic and the Fire of Nationalism by Ronald Wintrobe.

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1998-1 The Role of Domestic Abuse in Labor and Marriage Markets: Observing the Unobservables by Audra J. Bowlus and Shannon N. Seitz.

1998-2 Discrimination and Skill Differences in an Equilibrium Search Model by Audra J. Bowlus and Zvi Eckstein.

1998-3 (TERF Report 1998-1) Capital Flight and Foreign Investment: Two Tales from China and Russia by Terry Sicular.

1998-4 (TERF Report 1998-2) Privatization, the Market for Corporate Control, and Capital Flight from Russia by Ronald Wintrobe.

1998-5 (TERF Report 1998-3) Privatization, Market Liberalization and Learning in Transition Economies by Rachael E. Goodhue, Gordon C. Rausser and Leo K. Simon.

1998-6 Canadian Tax Deferred Savings Plans and the Foreign Property Rule by David Burgess and Joel Fried.

1998-7 Housing Taxation and Capital Accumulation by Martin Gervais.

1998-8 Copyright, Copy Protection and Feist by Philip A. Curry.

1998-9 Productivity Growth during the First Industrial Revolution: Inferences from the Pattern of British External Trade by C. Knick Harley and N.F.R. Crafts.

1998-10 Technology Adoption and Schooling: Amplifier Income Effects of Policies Across Countries by Diego Restuccia.

1998-11 Dynamic Hedging in Currency Crisis by Malte Krüger.

1998-12 Optimal Taxation in Life-Cycle Economies by Andrés Erosa and Martin Gervais.

1998-13 (TERF Report 1998-4) Household Structure and Labor Demand in Agriculture: Testing for Separability in Rural China by Audra J. Bowlus and Terry Sicular.

1998-14 Dual Betweenness by Zvi Safra and Uzi Segal.

1998-15 The Design of Policy Frameworks and the Role of the Policy Advisor by J. Clark Leith.

1998-16 Semiparametric Maximum Likelihood Estimation of GARCH Models by Jian Yang.

1998-17 Monitoring Competitive Bidding in the Public Sector by Gervan Fearon.

1998-18 Exchange Rate Effects of Portfolio Shifts? by Malte Krüger.

1998-19 Substitution and Dropout Bias in Social Experiments: A Study of an Influential Social Experiment by James Heckman, Neil Hohmann and Jeffrey Smith with the assistance of Michael Khoo.

1998-20 Motor Vehicle Taxes as Environmental Instruments: The Case of Singapore by Ngee-Choon Chia.

1998-21 Serially Correlated Wages in a Dynamic, Discrete Choice Model of Teacher Attrition by Todd R. Stinebrickner.

1998-22 Taxes and Marriage: A Two-Sided Search Analysis by Hector Chade and Gustavo Ventura.

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1997-1 Botswana's International Trade Policies by Clark Leith.

1997-2 Growth and Structural Transformation in Botswana by Clark Leith.

1997-3 Employment Occupational Structure, Technological Capital and Reorganization of Production by Victor Aguirregabiria and Cesar Alonso-Borrego.

1997-4 More on Hawtrey, Harvard and Chicago by David Laidler.

1997-5 Monopolistic Competition and Supply-Side Cost Sharing in the Physician Services Market by Åke Blomqvist.

1997-6 Flat Tax Reform: A Quantitative Exploration by Gustavo Ventura.

1997-7 College Quality and the Wages of Young Men by Kermit Daniel, Dan Black and Jeffrey Smith.

1997-8 The Wicksell Connection, The Quantity Theory and Keynes by David Laidler.

1997-9 Rational Nonprofit Entrepreneurship by Marc Bilodeau and Al Slivinski.

1997-10 On the Distributional Effects of Social Security Reform by Mark Huggett and Gustavo Ventura.

1997-11 Estimation of Dynamic Programming Models with Censored Dependent Variables by Victor Aguirregabiria.

1997-12 Labor Quality and the Cyclicality of Real Wages by Haoming Liu.

1997-13 Semiparametric Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Nonlinear Regression Models and Monte Carlo Evidence by Jian Yang.

1997-14 Specific Inputs, Value-Added, and Production Linkages in Tax- Incidence Theory by Kul Bhatia.

1997-15 Private Money and Reserve Management in a Random Matching Model by Ricardo de O. Cavalcanti, Andres Erosa and Ted Temzelides.

1997-16 Constant Risk Aversion, the Dual Theory, and the Gini Inequality Index by Zvi Safra and Uzi Segal.

1997-17 Coherent Odds and Subjective Probability by Kim Border and Uzi Segal.

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1996-1 Fitting Equilibrium Search Models to Labor Market Data by Audra J. Bowlus, Nicholas M. Kiefer, and George R. Neumann.

1996-2 Estimation of Dynamic Decision Models with Corner Solutions: A Model of Price and Inventory Decisions by Victor Aguirregabiria.

1996-3 Growth Effects of Subsidies in a Search Theoretic R&D Model: A Quantitative Evaluation by Benjamin Bental and Dan Peled.

1996-4 The Effects of Gender Control on Fertility and Children's Consumption by James B. Davies and Junsen Zhang.

1996-5 Hysteresis in the Canadian Labour Market: Evidence from the 1990s by Loretta Nott.

1996-6 American Macroeconomics Between World War I and the Depression by David Laidler.

1996-7 How to Escape Dutch Books in Dynamic Choice by Uzi Segal.

1996-8 Let's Agree that All Dictatorships are Equally Bad by Uzi Segal.

1996-9 A Model of Demand with Interactions among Consumers by Robin Cowan, William Cowan and Peter Swann.

1996-10 Notes on the Microfoundations of Monetary Economics by David Laidler.

1996-11 The Optimal Timing of Procurement Decisions and Patent Allocations by Motty Perry and Daniel Vincent.

1996-12 Contract Damages and Cooperative Investments by Yeon-koo Che and Tai-Yeong Chung.

1996-13 Wealth Inequality and Age by James Davies.

1996-14 Generation X, Search Theory, and the US-Canadian Unemployment Rate and Wage Inequality Gaps During the 1980s by Audra Bowlus.

1996-15 Left- and Right-Endogenous Money - A Tale of Two Books: Steven Horwitz, Monetary Evolution, Free Banking, and Economic Order and L. Randall Wray, Money and Credit in Capitalist Economies: the Endogenous Money Approach by M. June Flanders

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1995-1 What is Old is New Again by Toni Gravelle.

1995-2 The Economics of Canadian Deposit Insurance by Jack Carr, Frank Mathewson and Neil Quigley.

1995-3 Market Institutions and Core Allocations by Gordon Green.

1995-4 A Search Interpretation of Male-female Wage Differentials by Audra Bowlus.

1995-5 Ashenfelter's Dip and the Determinants of Participation in A Social Program: Implications for Simple Program Evaluation Strategies by James J. Heckman and Jeffrey Smith.

1995-6 Innovative vs. Imitative R&D and Economic Growth by Jinli Zeng.

1995-7 Spatially Dependent Interactions: A Statistical Approach to Spatial Equilibria, Technological Standardization and Variety by Robin Cowan and William Cowan.

1995-8 The Replacement Problem by Thomas F. Cooley, Jeremy Greenwood and Mehmet Yorukoglu.

1995-9 Quandaries in the Economics of Dual Technologies and Spillovers from Military to Civilian Research and Development by Robin Cowan and Dominque Foray.

1995-10 Long-Run Implications of Investment-Specific Technological Change by Jeremy Greenwood, Zvi Hercowitz and Per Krusell.

1995-11 Concessions and the Agenda in Bargaining by L.-A. Busch and Ignatius Horstmann.

1995-12 Access, Utilization, and Equity in Canada and the U.S.: An Empirical Model of Physician Visits by Barton H. Hamilton, Vivian H. Hamilton, and Harry J. Paarsch.

1995-13 Asset Pricing Lessons for Modeling Business Cycles by Michele Boldrin, Lawrence Christiano, and Jonas Fisher.

1995-14 (S,s) Inventory Policies in General Equilibrium by Jonas Fisher and Andreas Hornstein.

1995-15 Tobin's q and Asset Returns: Implications for Business Cycle Analysis by Lawrence Christiano and Jonas Fisher.

1995-16 Measuring Marginal Income Tax Rates for Individuals in Canada: Averages and Distributions Over Time by James B. Davies and Junsen Zhang.

1995-17 Dynamic Consistency and Reference Points by Uzi Segal.

1995-18 Preferences Over Solutions to the Bargaining Problem by Kim C. Border and Uzi Segal.

1995-19 First-Order Risk Aversion and Non-Differentiability by Uzi Segal and Avia Spivak.

1995-20 Non-Nested Pretest Tests by Leo Michelis.

1995-21 Monetary Explanations of the Weimar Republic's Hyperinflation: Some Neglected Contributions in Contemporary German Literature by David Laidler and George W. Stadler.

1995-22 Secret Reserve Prices in a Bidding Model with a Re-Sale Option by Ignatius J. Horstmann and Chantale LaCasse.

1995-23 Advertising as a Signal of Product Quality: Compact Disc Players by Ignatius J. Horstmann and Glenn MacDonald.

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1994-1 Why Do Agents Hold Money, and Why Does It Matter? by David Laidler.

1994-2 Toilet Cleaning and Department Chairing: Volunteering a Public Service by Marc Bilodeau and Al Slivinski.

1994-3 The Cyclical Behavior of Job Creation and Job Destruction: A Sectoral Model by Jeremy Greenwood, Glenn M. Macdonald and Guang-Jia Zhan.

1994-4 Algorithms for Solving Dynamic Models with Occasionally Binding Constraints by Lawrence J. Christiano and Jonas D. M. Fisher.

1994-5 Relative Prices, Complementarities and Co-movement Among Components of Aggregate Expenditures by Jonas D.M. Fisher.

1994-6 Regulating the Oligopoly with Unknown Costs by Gyu Ho Wang.

1994-7 Rent-Seeking Contest when the Prize Increases with Aggregate Efforts by Tai-Yeong Chung.

1994-8 Robertson in the 1920s by David Laidler.

1994-9 On the Evolution of the Distribution of Income by Arthur Robson, and Myrna Holtz Wooders.

1994-10 Credit Market Imperfections and the Heterogeneous Response of Firms to Monetary Shocks by Jonas D. M. Fisher.

1994-11 Tax Coordination in a Cross-Hauling Model: Conflict or Harmony of Interest? by Andreas Haufler.

1994-12 Incomplete Information Cores: An Insurance Example by Gordon R. Green.

1994-13 Some Aspects of Monetarism Circa 1970 - A View from 1994 by David Laidler.

1994-14 Making Inequality Comparisons When Lorenz Curves Intersect by James Davies and Michael Hoy.

1994-15 Cotton Textile Prices and the Industrial Revolution by C. Knick Harley.

1994-16 Dynamic Programming for Non-Additive Stochastic Objectives by Hiroyuki Ozaki and Peter A. Streufert.

1994-17 The Emergence of the Phillips Curve as a Policy Menu by David Laidler.

1994-18 Endogenous Buffer Stock Money by David Laidler and William Robson.

1994-19 Sprayed to Death: Pest Control Strategies and Technological Lock-In by Robin Cowan and Philip Gunby.

1994-20 Commitment Through Specific Investment in Contractual Relationships by Tai-Yeong Chung.

1994-21 Local Externalities and Spatial Equilibria: Technological Standardization and the Preservation of Variety by Robin Cowan and William Cowan.

1994-22 Settlement of Litigation under Rule 68: An Economic Analysis by Tai- Yeong Chung.

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1993-1 What Can Univariate Models Tell Us about Canadian Economic Growth 1870-1985? by Lewis Evans and Neil Quigley.

1993-2 Hawtrey, Harvard, and the Origins of the Chicago Tradition by David Laidler.

1993-3 The Importance of Input Price Shocks for Business Cycles in Developing Economies by Jack Praschnik.

1993-4 Issues in a Natural Resources Economy by F. J. Anderson.

1993-5 Intermediate Goods And the Transmission of International Business Cycles by Donna M. Costello and J. Praschnik.

1993-6 On the Choice of Mechanism to Sell Timber by Harry J. Paarsch and Gyu Ho Wang.

1993-7 Multi-player Bargaining Situations: a Decision Theoretic Approach by Murali Agastya.

1993-8 Monopolistic Competition, Increasing Returns And Self-fulfilling Prophecies by Brian Rivard.

1993-9 A Survey of Recent Empirical Work Concerning Auctions by Kenneth Hendricks and Harry J. Paarsch.

1993-10 Cheap Talk and Signaling Games by Gyu Ho Wang.

1993-11 Is Health Care Really A Luxury? by A. G. Blomqvist and R.A.L. Carter.

1993-12 Factor Returns, Comparative Advantage and Market Size: Some Core- Periphery Results by F. J. Anderson.

1993-13 Endogenous Growth and the Choice of Tax Base by Carlo Perroni.

1993-14 An Incomplete Information Core of a Dynamic Economy by Gordon R. Green.

1993-15 Deriving an Estimate of the Optimal Auction: an Application to British Columbian Timber Sales by Harry J. Paarsch.

1993-16 Endogenous Money and Goods Production in a Search Model by Scott Hendry.

1993-17 The Partnered Core of a Game with Side Payments by Philip Reny, Eyal Winter and Myrna Wooders.

1993-18 Destructive Interference in an Imperfectly Competitive Multi-security Market by Utpal Bhattacharya, Philip J. Reny and Matthew Spiegel.

1993-19 Identification, Estimation, and Testing in Empirical Models of Auctions Within the Independent Private Values Paradigm by Stephen G. Donald and Harry J. Paarsch.

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1992-1 Wage and Price Stickiness in Macroeconomics: an Historical Perspective by David Laidler.

1992-2 Cross-border Externalities and Trade Liberalization: the Strategic Control of Pollution by Rodney Ludema and Ian Wooton.

1992-3 A Non-cooperative View of Coalition Formation and the Core by Motty Perry and Philip Reny.

1992-4 Liquidity, Exchange Rates, and Business Cycles by Wai-Ming Ho.

1992-5 On the Cyclical Allocation Of Risk by Paul Gomme and Jeremy Greenwood.

1992-6 Hayek on Neutral Money and the Cycle by David Laidler.

1992-7 Are Labor Shares Really Constant? An International Study of the Cyclical Behavior Of Labor Shares by Donna M. Costello and J. Praschnik.

1992-8 The Role of Oil Price Shocks in a Two-sector, Two-country Model of the Business Cycle by J. Praschnik and Donna M. Costello.

1992-9 Hubs and Spokes, and Free Trade in the Americas by Carsten Kowalczyk and Ronald J. Wonnacott.

1992-10 A Comparison of Estimators for Empirical Models of Auctions by Harry J. Paarsch.

1992-11 Maximum Likelihood Estimation in Empirical Models of Auctions by Stephen G. Donald and Harry J. Paarsch.

1992-12 Empirical Models of Auctions and an Application To British Columbian Timber Sales by Harry J. Paarsch.

1992-13 Inequality and Capital Accumulation under Majority Voting Taxation by S. Rao Aiyagari and Dan Peled.

1992-14 Does Trade Cause Firms to Specialize? by F. J. Anderson.

1992-15 Efficiency of Comparative Negligence: A Game Theoretic Analysis by Tai- Yeong Chung.

1992-16 Identification In Empirical Models of Auctions by Stephen G. Donald and Harry J. Paarsch.

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1991-1 Optimal International Trade Agreements And Dispute Settlement Procedures by Rodney D. Ludema.

1991-2 On the Social Optimality of Liquidated Damage Clauses: an Economic Analysis by Tai-Yeong Chung.

1991-3 Tax Analysis in a Real Business Cycle Model: on Measuring Harberger Triangles and Okun Gaps by Jeremy Greenwood and Gregory Huffman.

1991-4 The Allocation of Capital and Time over the Business Cycle by Jeremy Greenwood and Zvi Hercowitz.

1991-5 The Antebellum American Tariff: Food Exports and Manufacturing by C. Knick Harley.

1991-6 The Role of Transaction Volume in Producing Information about Asset Prices by Gregory Huffman.

1991-7 Barter and Monetary Exchange Under Private Information by Stephen Williamson and Randall Wright.

1991-8 Perfect Equilibria in a Negotiation Model by Lutz-Alexander Busch and Quan Wen.

1991-9 Currency Elasticity and Banking Panics: Theory and Evidence by Bruce Champ, Bruce Smith, and Stephen Williamson.

1991-10 Liquidity and Market Participation by Stephen D. Williamson.

1991-11 Income Inequality and International Migration by James B. Davies and Ian Wooton.

1991-12 Searching for Investment Opportunities: a Micro Foundation for Endogenous Growth by Benjamin Bental and Dan Peled.

1991-13 Optimal Capital Income Taxation and Long Run Debt with Borrowing Constraints by S. Rao Aiyagari and Dan Peled.

1991-14 Dynamic Factor Demand and Value Function Methods by Stephen Gordon.

1991-15 The Cycle Before New-classical Economics by David Laidler.

1991-16 Price Stability and the Monetary Order by David Laidler.

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1990-1 A First Graduate Course in Economic Theory by Glenn M. MacDonald.

1990-2 Financial Development, Growth, and the Distribution of Income by Jeremy Greenwood and Boyan Jovanovic.

1990-3 A Test for Conditional Heteroskedasticity in Time Series Models by A. K. Bera and M.L. Higgins.

1990-4 Wicksell's Cumulative Process as Nonconvergence to Rational Expectations by Peter Howitt.

1990-5 Animal Spirits by Peter Howitt and R. Preston McAfee.

1990-6 Influence Activities and Economic Growth by Marco Terrones.

1990-7 Endogenous Policy in a Computational General Equilibrium Framework by Thomas Rutherford and Stanley L. Winer.

1990-8 Estimation of Systematic Risk Using Bayesian Analysis with Hierarchical and Non-normal Priors by Anil K. Bera and Jose A. F. Machado.

1990-9 Was Wicksell a Quantity Theorist? by David Laidler.

1990-10 Attachment to Home and Efficient Purchases of Population in a Fiscal Externality Economy by Arman Mansoorian and Gordon Myers.

1990-11 Habit Persistence and the Harberger-Laursen-Metzler Effect in an Infinite Horizon Model by Arman Mansoorian.

1990-12 The State of the British Industrial Revolution: A Survey of Recent Macroeconomic Reassessment by C. Knick Harley.

1990-13 Dynamic Increasing Returns, Technology and Economic Growth in a Small Open Economy by Ka-yiu Michael Fung and Jota Ishikawa.

1990-14 Money and Growth Revisited by Peter Howitt.

1990-15 Risk Sharing, Specific Investment and Incomplete Contracts by Tai-Yeong Chung.

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