Selected Publications of Recent Graduate Students: 2007-2017


Brandon Malloy, PhD 2018 

Wenya Wang, PhD 2017 

George Orlov, PhD 2017 

James Partridge, PhD 2017 

Deanna Walker, PhD 2017 


Youngmin Park, PhD 2017 

“Correlation, Consumption, Confusion, or Constraints: Why Do Poor Children Perform So Poorly?” 2017. The Scandinavian Journal of Economics 119(1): 102-147. (with Elizabeth Caucutt and Lance Lochner). 


Hiroaki Mori, PhD 2016

 “The Labor Market in Japan, 2000-2016.” 2017. IZA World of Labor 385:1-11. (with Daiji Kawaguchi).

“Ageing and the Skill Portfolio: Evidence from Job-based Skill Measures.” 2016. The Journal of the Economics of Ageing 7: 89-103.


Sergii Pypko, PhD 2016 

“Volatility Forecast in Crises and Expansions.” 2015. Journal of Risk & Financial Management 3: 311-336.


Jin Zhou, PhD 2016 

“Identifying Agent’s Information Sets: An Application to a Lifecycle Model of Schooling, Consumption and Labor Supply.” 2017. Review of Economic Dynamics 25: 58-92. (with Salvador Navarro).


Eda Bozkurt, PhD 2015


Xue Sarah Dong, PhD 2015

“Labour-Market Developments at a Time of Heightened Uncertainty.” 2017. Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies 53(1): 1-25. (with Chris Manning). 

"Consistency between the Sakernas and the IFLS for the Purpose of Analyzing Labor Market Issues in Indonesia: a Cross Validation Analysis.” Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies, Forthcoming.


Aaron Gertz, PhD 2015


Philippe Gregoire, PhD 2015

"Information Disclosure with Leakages." 2012. Economic Modelling 29(5): 2005-2010. (with Hui Huang)

"The Incentives to Acquire Information." 2009. In Insider Trading: Global Developments and Analysis, ed. Paul U. Ali and Greg N. Gregoriou, chapter 18.  Boca Raton: CRC Press.

"Insider Trading and Voluntary Disclosure." 2008. International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Finance 11: 143-162.

"Informed Trading, Noise Trading and the Cost of Equity." 2008. International Review of Economics and Finance 17: 13-32.

"Manulife Financial and the John Hancock Financial Acquisition." 2007. Journal of the International Academy of Case Studies 13, Issue 1. (with Camillo Lento and Bryan Poulin)

"Managers’ Perceptions of Export Barriers: A Cross-Cultural Perspective of Service Firms." 2006.  Journal of Transnational Management 12: 51-68. (with David Smith and Mandy Lu)

"Imitation, Group Selection and Cooperation." 2003. International Game Theory Review 5: 229-247. (with Arthur Robson)

"Absolute and Relative Deprivation and the Measurement of Poverty." 2002. Review of Income and Wealth 48: 471-92. (with Jean-Yves Duclos)


Hugh Cassidy, PhD 2014 

“Task Variation within Occupations.” 2017. Industrial Relations 56(3): 393-410. 

"Promotion Signaling, Gender and Turnover: New Theory and Evidence." 2016. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 126(A): 140-166. (with Jed DeVaro and Antti Kauhanen)


Zhibo (Brian) Jia, PhD 2014 


Misashi Mayairi, PhD 2014 

 “Immigrant Job Search Assimilation in Canada.” 2016. Canadian Journal of Economics 49 (1): 5-51. (with Bowlus, Audra J., and Chris Robinson). 


Douwere Grekou, PhD 2013 

Future to Discover: Fourth Year Post-Secondary Impacts Report. 2014. Canada. Social Research and Demonstration Corporation (SRDC) – Ottawa: Social Research and Demonstration Corporation. (with Reuben Ford, Isaac Kwakye and Claudia Nicholson)

Enhancing Research Opportunities on the Returns to Adult Learning with National Survey and Administrative Data Sources. 2014. Canada. Social Research and Demonstration Corporation (SRDC) – Ottawa: Social Research and Demonstration Corporation. (with Marc Frenette and Ted Wannell)


Jacob Wibe, PhD 2013 

"Integrated Assessment Model of Society-Biosphere-Climate-Economy-Energy System." 2013. Environmental Modelling & Software 49 (6): 1-21. (with Mohammad K. Akhtar, Slobodan P. Simonovic and Jim MacGee)


Javier Cano-Urbina, PhD 2012

 “The Effect of Education and School Quality on Female Crime.” Journal of Human Capital, forthcoming, with Lance Lochner. 

“The Effects of the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill on Housing Markets.” Journal of Housing Economics, forthcoming, with Christopher Clapp and Kevin Willardsen. 

“Do Tort Reforms Impact the Incidence of Birth by Cesarean Section? A Reassessment.” 2017. International Journal of Health Economics and Management 17(1): 103-112. (with Daniel Montanera). 

“A Test for Exogeneity in the Presence of Non-Linearities.” 2016. Stata Journal 16(3): 161-777. (with Michael Babington). 

“Acculturation and the Labor Market in Mexico.” 2016. IZA Journal of Labor Policy 5(1): 1-29. (with Patrick L. Mason).

"Informal Labor Markets and On-the-Job Training: Evidence from Wage Data." 2016. Economic Inquiry 54(1): 25-43.

"The Role of the Informal Sector in the Early Careers of Less-Educated Workers." 2015. Journal of Development Economics 112: 33-55. 


Ivan Medovikov, PhD 2012 

“A New Measure of Vector Dependence, with Applications to Financial Risk and Contagion.” 2017. Journal of Financial Econometrics 15(3): 474-503. (With Atrem Prokhorov). 

”When does the market listen to economic news? New evidence from copulas and news wire.” 2016. Journal of Banking and Finance 65: 27-40. 

"When Does the Market Listen to Economic News? New Evidence from Copulas and News Wire." Journal of Banking and Finance, forthcoming.

"Non-Parametric Weighted Tests for Independence Based on Empirical Copula Process." 2016. Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation 86(1): 105-121.

"Can Analysts Predict Rallies Better Than Crashes?" 2014. Finance Research Letters 11(4): 319-325.

"Non-Parametric Weighted Tests for Independence Based on Empirical Copula Process." Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation, forthcoming.


Chris Mitchell, PhD 2012 

"Household-specific Housing Capital Gains and Consumption: Evidence from Canadian Microdata." 2016. Regional Science and Urban Economics 56: 19-33. (with Kul Bhatia)


Philippe Belley, PhD 2011

Belley, Philippe, “Understanding Wage Growth: Estimating and Testing Learning-by-Doing.” 2017. Journal of Human Capital 11(2): 213-246. (with Guy Lacroix, and Nathalie Havet) 

“Wage Growth and Job Mobility in the Early Career: Testing a Statistical Discrimination Model of the Gender Wage Gap.” 2015. Research in Labor Economics 42: pp.231 – 260. (with Guy Lacroix and Nathalie Havet).

 "Post-Secondary Attendance by Parental Income in the U.S. and Canada: Do Financial Aid Policies Explain the Differences?" 2014.  Canadian Journal of Economics 47(2):664-696. (with Marc Frenette and Lance Lochner)

"Post-Secondary Attendance by Parental Income in the U.S. and Canada: What Role for Financial Aid Policy?" 2014. Canadian Journal of Economics 47(2): 664-696. (with Marc Frenette and Lance Lochner)

"The Changing Role of Family Income and Ability in Determining Educational Achievement." 2007. Journal of Human Capital 1: 37-89. (with Lance Lochner)


George Jia, PhD 2011 

"The Impact on Personal Bankruptcy Law on Entrepreneurship." 2015. Canadian Journal of Economics 48(2): 464-493.

"Financing High-tech Start-ups: Moral Hazard, Information Asymmetry and the Reallocation of Control Rights." 2015. The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy 15(2): 685-708.

"Small Business Loan Guarantees as Insurance Against Aggregate Risks." 2013. The B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics 13(1): 455-479.


Kai Zhao, PhD 2011 

“Social Insurance, Private Health Insurance and Individual Welfare.” 2017. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 78: 102-117.

"The Impact of the Correlation Between Health Expenditure and Survival Probability on the Demand for Insurance." 2015. European Economic Review 75: 98-111.

"Social Security and the Rise in Health Spending." 2014. Journal of Monetary Economics 64:21-37.

"War Finance and the Baby Boom." 2014. Review of Economic Dynamics 17(3): 459-473.

"Home Production and the Welfare Cost of Labour Supply Tax Distortions." 2013. Applied Economics Letters 20: 92-95. (with John Whalley)

"Social Security, Differential Fertility, and the Dynamics of the Earnings Distribution." 2011. B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics 11: 1-31. 


Christoper Hajzler, PhD 2010

 “Expropriation Risk and FDI in Developing Countries: Does Return of Capital Dominate Return on Capital?” European Journal of Political Economy, forthcoming. (with M. Akhtaruzzaman and N. Berg). 

“Does Institutional Quality Resolve the Lucas Paradox?” Applied Economics, Forthcoming. (with M. Akhtaruzzaman and D. Owen).

"At the Intersections of Emotional and Biological Labor: Understanding Transnational Reproductive Travel and Surrogacy as Social Reproduction." 2014. International Journal
of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics 7(2): 45–74.

"Distance, Language, Religion, and the Law of One Price: Evidence from Canada and Nigeria." 2015. Journal of Money, Credit and Banking 47(5): 1007-1029. (with David Fielding & James MacGee)

"Resource-based FDI and Expropriation in Developing Economies." 2014. Journal of International Economics, 92: 124-146.

"Relative Price and Inflation Variability in a Simple Consumer Search Model." 2014. Economics Letters 123(1): 17-22. (with David Fielding)

"Expropriation of Foreign Direct Investment: Sectoral Patterns from 1993 to 2006." 2012. Review of World Economics 148: 119-149.

"Market Stimulus and Distributive Justice: Evaluating the Effects of Market Access to Human Germ-Line Enhancement." 2010. Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal 20: 161-179. (with G.K.D. Crozier)

"NIMBY Claims, Free-Riders and Universalizability." 2010. Ethics, Policy and Environment 13: 317-320. (with G.K.D. Crozier)


 Yao Li, PhD 2010 

"Geography, Ties, and Knowledge Flows: Evidence from Citations in Mathematics," with Keith Head and Asier Minondo. Forthcoming at Review of Economics and Statistics.

“Credit Constraints and Firm Productivity: Microeconomic Evidence from China.” Research in International Business and Finance, forthcoming. (with Liao Wei, and Carol Zhao Chen).

 “Trade Liberalization and Markups: Micro Evidence from China. Economics, forthcoming. (with Haichao Fan, Gao Xiang, and Anh Luong Tuan). 

"Margins of Imports, Forward-Looking Firms, and Exchange Rate Movements." 2018. Journal of International Money and Finance, 81: 185-202 (with Haichao Fan and Chen Carol Zhao).

Journal of International Money and Finance 81: 185-202. (with Haichao Fan, and Chen Carol Zhao). 

“On the Relationship Between Quality and Productivity: Evidence from China’s Accession to the WTO.” 2018. Journal of International Economics 110: 28-49. (with Haichao Fan and Stephen Yeaple).

“Price Adjustment to Exchange Rates and Forward-looking Exporters: Evidence from U.S.-China Trade.” 2016. Review of International Economics 24(5): 1023-1049. (with Carol Zhao Chen).

"Trade Liberalization, Quality, and Export Prices." 2015. Review of Economics and Statistics 97 (5): 1033-1051. (with Haichao Fan and Stephen Yeaple)

"Borders and Distance in Knowledge Spillovers: Dying over Time or Dying with Age? - Evidence from Patent Citations." 2014. European Economic Review 71: 152-172.

"The Higher Educational Transformation of China and Its Global Implications." 2011. World Economy 34: 516-545. (with John Whalley, Shunming Zhang, and Xiliang Zhao)


Jonathan Rosborough, PhD 2010 

"A Theory of Congregational Giving." 2015. Journal of Public Economic Theory 17(2): 270-295.

"On the Robustness of Strategic Experimentation to Persuasive Cheap Talk." 2012. Theoretical Economics Letters 2(5): 524-529.


Linlan Xiao, PhD 2010 

“Volatility Forecasting: Combinations of Realized Volatility Measures and Forecasting Models.” 2018. Applied Economics 50(13): 1428-1441. (with Vigdis Boasson, Sergey Shishlenin and Victoria Makushina). 

“Relative Cohort Size and Fertility in Latin America and the Caribbean: A Panel Data Approach.” 2014. Research in World Economy 5(2) 135-142. (with Michael Shields). 

“Institutions, Economic Growth and Foreign Aid in Nepal.” 2014. International Journal of Economics and Finance 6(6): 84-94. (with Aydin Cecen and Santosh Adhikari). 

“Capital Flows and Current Account Dynamics in Turkey: A Nonlinear Time Series Analysis.” 2014. Economic Modelling 39: 240-246. (with Aydin Cecen). 

“Realized Volatility Forecasting: Empirical Evidence from Stock market Indices and Exchange Rates.” 2013. Applied Financial Economics 23(1): 57-69.

"Volatility Modelling and Forecasting in Finance." 2007.  In Forecasting Volatility in the Financial Markets, 3/e., ed. John Knight and Stephen Satchell, 1-46.  Oxford, UK; Burlington, MA: Butterworth-Heinemann. (with Abdurrahman Aydemir) 


Huju Liu, PhD 2009

 “Age-Productivity Profiles of Entrants and Exits: Evidence from Canadian Manufacturing.” 2017. Structural Change and Economic Dynamics 40(C):26-36. (with Jianmin Tang).

"The Contributions of Search and Human Capital to Earnings Growth Over the Life Cycle." 2013. European Economic Review 64: 305-331. (with Audra Bowlus)


Yufei Yuan, PhD 2009

"Human Capital, Household Capital and Asset Returns." 2014. Journal of Banking and Finance 42: 11-22.

"Why the Housing Sector Leads the Whole Economy: The Importance of Collateral Constraints and News Shocks." 2014. Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics 48: 323-341. (with Y. Ren)

"House Price Bubbles in China." 2012. China Economic Review 23: 786-800. (with Y. Ren and C. Xiong)

"Nonparametric Estimation and Testing of Stochastic Discount Factor." 2011. Finance Research Letters 8: 196-205.  (with Y. Fang and Y. Ren)

"Global Financial Structure and Climate Change." 2009. Journal of Financial Transformation 25: 161-168.  (with John Whalley) 


Chris Bennett, PhD 2008 

“Graphical Procedures for Multiple Comparisons Under General Dependence.” 2016. Journal of the American Statistical Association 111(515): 1278-1288. (with Brennan Thompson). 

“Ignorance, Lotteries and Measures of Economic Inequality.” 2015. The Journal of Economic Inequality 13(2): 309-316. (with Ricardas Zitikis). 

“Estimation of Optimal Portfolio Weights Under Parameter Uncertainty and User-Specified Constraints: A Perturbation method.” 2014. Journal of Statistical Theory and Practice 8(3): 423-438. (with Ricardas Zitikis).

"Inference for Dominance Relations." 2013. International Economic Review 54(4): 1309-1328.

"Estimating Optimal Decision Rules in the Presence of Model Parameter Uncertainty." 2013. Journal of Financial Econometrics 11: 47-75.

"Examining the Distributional Treatment Effects of Military Service on Earnings: A Test of Initial Dominance." 2013. Journal of Business and Economic Statistics 31:1-15. (with R. Zitikis)

"Multidimensional Poverty: Measurement, Estimation, and Inference." 2013. Econometric Reviews 32: 57-83. (with Shabana Mitra)


Maxim Poletaev, PhD 2008 

"Human Capital Specificity: Evidence from the Dictionary of Occupational Titles and Displaced Worker Surveys 1984-2000." 2008. Journal of Labor Economics 26: 387-420. (with Chris Robinson)  Awarded the H. Gregg Lewis Prize for the best paper in the Journal of Labor Economics in 2008 and 2009.


Michio Suzuki, PhD 2008 

“Understanding the Costs of Consumer Durable Adjustments.” 2016. Economic Inquiry 54(3): 1561-1573.

 "Wage, Income and Consumption Inequality in Japan, 1981–2008: From Boom to Lost Decades." 2014. Review of Economic Dynamics 17(4): 582-612.

"Does and R&D Tax Credit Affect R7D Expenditure? The Japanese R&D Tax Credit Reform in 2003." 2014. Journal of the Japanese and International Economies 31:72-97. (with Hiroyuki Kasahara and Katsumi Shimotsu)

"Consumption, Income, and Wealth Inequality in Canada." 2010. Review of Economic Dynamics 13: 52-75. (with M. Brzozowski, M. Gervais, and P. Klein)


Vincenzo Caponi, PhD 2007 

"Empirical Characteristics of Legal and Illegal Immigrants in the U.S." 2014. Journal of Population Economics 27(4), 923-960. (with Miana Plesca)

"Intergenerational Transmission of Abilities and Self Selection of Mexican Immigrants." 2011. International Economic Review 52: 523-547.

"The Impact of Aggregate and Sectoral Fluctuations on Training Decisions." 2010. B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics 10: Iss. 1 (Advances), Article 28. (with Burc Kayahan and Miana Plesca). Awarded the Kenneth J. Arrow Prize for Junior Economists in 2010.

"Heterogeneous Human Capital and Migration: Who Migrates from Mexico to the U.S.?" 2010. Annals of Economics and Statistics 97/98: 207-234.

"Post-Secondary Education in Canada: Can Ability Bias Explain the Earnings Gap Between College and University Graduates?" 2009. Canadian Journal of Economics 42: 1100-1132. (with Miana Plesca)


Eric C.Y. Ng, PhD 2007

"On Investment and Exchange-Rate Movements." 2014. Applied Economics 46(19): 2301-2315. (with Malik Souarabe)

"Forecasting U.S. Recessions with Various Risk Factors and Dynamic Probit Models." 2012. Journal of Macroeconomics 34(1): 112-125.

"What Determines Productivity Performance of Telecommunications Services Industry? A Cross-Country Analysis." 2012. Applied Economics 44(18): 2359-2372.

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"Modeling Leverage Effect with Copulas and Realized Volatility." 2008. Finance Research Letters 5: 573-592. (with Dinghai Xu and Tony Wirjanto)


Dinghai Xu, PhD 2007

“GMM Estimation of a Stochastic Volatility Model with Realized Volatility: A Monte Carlo Study.” Econometric Review, forthcoming.

"Random Matrix Application to Correlations Among Volatility of Assets." Quantitative Finance, forthcoming. (with Ajay Singh)

"Is Volatility Clustering of Asset Returns Asymmetric?" Journal of Banking and Finance, forthcoming. (with Cathy Ning and Tony Wirjanto)

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"Modeling Leverage Effect with Copulas and Realized Volatility." 2008. Finance Research Letters 5: 221-227. (with Cathy Ning and Tony Wirjanto)


Yahong Zhang, PhD 2007 

“Unemployment Fluctuations in a Small Open-Economy Model with Segmented Labour Markets: The Case of Canada.” Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, forthcoming. 

“Financial Factors and Labour Market Fluctuations,” Economic Modelling, forthcoming 

“Risk Shocks in a Small Open Economy: Business Cycle Dynamics in Canada.” 2018. Economic Modelling 72: 391-409 (with Caterina Mendicino)

"Macroprudential Rules and Monetary Policy when Financial Frictions Matter." 2015. Economic Modelling 50: 148-161. (with Cesaire Meh)

"Price-Level Targeting Rules and Financial Shocks: The Case of Canada." 2013. Economic Modelling 30: 941-953. (with Ali Dib and Caterina Mendicino)

"A Search Interpretation of the Family Gap." 2012. Labour Economics 19: 186-197.

"Price-Level versus Inflation Targeting with Financial Market Imperfections."  2010. Canadian Journal of Economics 43: 1087-1471. (with Francisco Covas)


Jie Zhou, PhD 2007 

"Life-cycle Stock Market Participation in Taxable and Tax-deferred Accounts." 2012. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 36: 1814-1829.

"New Evidence on Asset Location from the Survey of Consumer Finances." 2011. Public Finance Review 39(4): 594-615. (with Yothin Jinjarak)

"Why Did the Private Business Equity Share Fall in Canada?" 2011. Eastern Economic Journal 37: 197-213.

"The Effects of Employer Matching and Income Risk in 401(k) Plans." 2009. Economic Modelling 26: 1193-1200.

"The Asset Location Puzzle: Taxes Matter." 2009. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 33: 955-969.