Student Awards 2021-22

We congratulate our most recent undergraduate and graduate award recipients and thank those generous donors who have made many of these awards possible.

Undergraduate Student Awards (Graduating) Recipients
Kevin H. Burley Economics Scholarship No Recipient for 2021-22
Student Choice Award in Economics Elliot Grenier
S. F. Glass Gold Medal Wenxin Xu
Gold Medal: Honors Spec. in Global Economics Nicholas Bottger Malaga
Gold Medal: Honors Spec. in Politics, Philosophy and Economics Akash Jain
Gold Medal: Major in Economics Mingyu Yao
Gold Medal: Three Year BA Major Aleem Virji
Gold Medal: Major in Financial Economics Yiqian Li
Gold Medal: Highest Four Year Specialization Zi Liu
Mark K. Inman Senior Essay Prize Elliot Grenier
PPE 4100E Paper Prize Daniela Hartmann
Ronald J. Wonnacott Economics Prize Elliot Grenier
Economics Core Course Award  Luis Mazzali De Almeida (honours) and Zi Liu (general)
Student Leader Award in Economics Vanessa Lin
Undergraduate Student Awards (Years 2-4) Recipients
Benjamin Higgins Prize in Development Economics Niall Murphy
Essay Prize in Economics Adib Sedig (Honours)
Hon. Edward Blake Scholarships Chon Kei (Andrei) Chen and Wenxin Xu
Faculty Association Scholarship Aaron Zhang
Dr. W. Glenn Campbell and Dr. Mark K. Inman Scholarships in Economics Donya Tamehi and Akash Jain
Harold Crabtree Foundation Awards in the Economics of Industrial Organization Emily Yang and Jacky Huang
Joel Fried Scholarship in Economics Wenxin Xu
The Godsoe Family Western Scholarhsips Eric Li
Andrew Grant Scholarships Chon Kei (Andrei) Chen
Dr. Mark K. Inman Scholarship Meera Aggarwal
Walter J. Koenig Scholarships Chon Kei (Andrei) Chen and Robin Kovacs
Richard J. Kohn Scholarships Amay Senoy
Grant and Peggy Reuber Merit Scholarship No Recipient for 2021-22
Barry Connell Steers Scholarship Luis Mazzali De Almeida
David J. Stenason Scholarship Aaron Zhang
Elizabeth Sullivan Awards in Economics No Recipient for 2021-22
Graduate Student Awards Recipients
T. Merritt Brown Thesis Award Zijian Wang
Graduate Teaching Assistant of the Year Fengfan Ziang
Economic Principles Tutorial Leader of the Year Henk Schouten
Gervan Fearon PhD Award in Economics Alisaleh Shariati
Summer Paper Prize No recipient for 2021-22
Sir Arthur Currie Scholarship  Brice Gueyap Kounga