Western University EconomicsWestern Social Science

Professor Emeritus

Kul Bhatia

Research interests / Specializations: Taxation; Rural-Urban Migration; Developing Countries
Teaching: Economic Development; Public Finance

Ake Blomqvist

Research Interests / Specializations: Payment Mechanisms in Health Care; Comparative Health Policy

Russ Boyer

Research interests / Specializations: Theory of Foreign Exchange Markets; Canadian Financial Policy

David Burgess

Research Interests / Specializations: Productivity and Competitiveness Issues; Evaluation of Environmental Programs; Pensions

R.A.L. Carter

Research Interests / Specializations: Bayesian Econometrics; Time Series

Paul Davenport

Research Interests / Specializations: Higher Education in Canada; Financing and Accountability

C. Knick Harley

Research Interests / Specializations: International Economics of the Late Nineteenth Century; Impact of Transportation Improvements; Technological Change; British Industrial Revolution

David Laidler

Research Interests / Specializations: The Development of Classical, Neoclassical and Keynesian Monetary Economics; Monetary Policy Regimes, with special reference to Canada and North America

J. Clark Leith

Research Interests / Specializations: Macro Policy in Less Developed Countries; Trade Policy in LDCs

John Palmer

Research Interests / Specializations: Market for Children; Economic Analysis of Law

Michael Parkin

Research Interests / Specializations: Monetary and Exchange Rate Policy; Rational Expectations
Teaching: International Economics; Macroeconomics

Arthur Robson

Research Interests / Specializations: Game Theory; Uncertainty; Preferences for Status; Biological Evolution

John Whalley

Professor Emeritus and Adjunct Research Professor July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2019
Distinguished Fellow, Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI); Director, China Research and Policy Group (CRPG); Hellmuth Prize for Achievement in Research; 2012 Killam Prize Winner

Research interests / Specializations: General Equilibrium; Trade; Public Finance; Taxes
Teaching: General Equilibrium; Public Finance; Development; International Trade

SSC 4078
Faculty Profile

Ron Wintrobe

Research interests / Specializations: Economic Models of Dictatorship and Democracy; Political and Social Interactions

Ron Wonnacott, FRSC, OC

Research Interests / Specializations: Canada-US Free Trade; Customs Union Theory