The Young China Scholars Program (IDRC)

This project seeks to work with a growing young scholars’ network in China to produce ongoing policy relevant research and achieve policy impact through dialogue. The project is funded by IDRC and CIGI for three years as an extension to the earlier Phase 1 funding between 2005 and 2008 of the International Development Research Centre/CIGI Young China Scholars Research and Policy Engagement Network. Its main focus is debate in China concerning the global economic crisis and what to do about it. Discussions of appropriate policy responses have been ongoing in several key policy areas such as trade, finance, banking regulation, exchange rates, tax policy rural development, poverty alleviation, social policy, and others. Phase 2 will involve subarea activity on China’s post crisis policy regime involving trade and investment, macro polices and financial structure, social policies and poverty, rural development and China’s tax policies. Research work from these groups, plus briefings/commentary from senior policy figures will be brought together in a thematically focused Annual Forum of Crisis Research and Policy Dialogue.

Principal Chinese partners in the project are the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), and Beijing Normal University (BNU). The project is jointly coordinated by Professors Li Shi (BNU), Tongsan Wang (CASS), Terry Sicular (Western) and John Whalley (Western/CIGI).