China and Climate Change Research

The China Research and Policy Group at Western is active in research on Climate and China which builds on a two-year project supported by the Academic Development Fund at Western for initial work on an innovative approach to modeling global carbon limitation initiatives. This research has analyzed the appropriate size of global carbon emission reductions and their distribution by country, taking into account the benefits of slowed global warming. The methodology involves the development and use of bargaining structure in which country emission reduction levels are endogenously determined in contrast to currently available models which treat emission reduction proposals as exogenous, and in which the benefits of emission reductions are not present. This work will thus contrast sharply with current modeling structures used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and national government agencies. A series of research papers has been produced which is available at the China Group website. Further discussions are underway for additional Climate related projects involving the Ministry of Finance in China and the World Bank.