China Research and Policy Group

The Group and Its Mandate

The China Research and Policy Group is a research and policy analysis/
dialogue group whose central focus is China’s ongoing integration and involvement in the global economy covering trade, foreign investment inflows and outflows, international, exchange rate and reserve management policies, as well as China’s growing Southern engagement, regional trade, monetary policies and domestic issues.  The group supports activities and dialogue on a wide range of issues related to economic policy involving China, including research papers, conferences, workshops and visits by distinguished scholars and private sector and international agency interactions.

It is based in the Economics Department at Western University. It partners with The Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) in Waterloo, Ontario as well as universities and research institutes in China, the UK and India.

Wider Dialogue and Interactions

The China Research and Policy Group at Western seeks dialogue with companies, both inside and outside China, international organizations and government agencies. Discussions on projects are underway with the Ministry of Finance, Government of China and the World Bank.


Researchers affiliated with the China Research and Policy Group study a wide range of issues related to China. Current projects include:

The Young China Scholars Program (IDRC)

China and Climate Change Research

China Household Income Project

China Research and Policy Group Researchers

Coordinator: John Whalley


  • Paul Beamish (Ivey)
  • Amit Chakma (President, Western)
  • David Conklin (Ivey)
  • Jim Davies (Economics)
  • Terry Sicular (Economics)
  • Dianqing (Daniel) Xu) (Huron University College)

Message from John Whalley (Western/CIGI Coordinator)

China has shown remarkable economic performance over the last few decades. Incomes per head have increased eightfold since 1978. 7.5% annual growth (if sustained) between 2000 and 2050 will increase incomes thirtyfold. China is poised to become the second largest country trader worldwide, and at the same time a major participant in global climate policy. China will likely shape the world for the next few generations. China also has remarkable young talent which is a credit to its inventiveness and industriousness. The China Research and Policy Group at Western seeks to work with Chinese scholars (and especially the young) to both better understand and improve understanding of China for the years ahead. All those involved in the China Research and Policy Group at Western view it as a privilege to be engaged in this venture and greatly appreciate all the support from so many quarters.

Message from Audra J. Bowlus (Chair, Department of Economics, Western)

The work being done by the China Research and Policy Group at Western is at the forefront of research and policy on China and its relationship with the world. Receipt of the Ontario Research Fund grant, the first awarded outside of Science and Engineering, is a wonderful acknowledgement of the high quality work being produced by John Whalley and his colleagues here at Western and at CIGI on the Chinese economy and its relationship with other emerging market countries. The Department of Economics looks forward to future collaborations with CIGI as well as establishing new partnerships through the China Research and Policy Group at Western.

Contact Details

Administrator: Jing WANG, CIGI/Western
( Phone 519 661-2111 Ext. 85243