Incoming Students

The following information has been assembled to assist you with settling into the university and the department. Please let us know if there is anything further we can do to help make your adjustment easier.

Important Term Dates

Classes begin on  September 12, 2022 and end on  December 8, 2022. Fall term exams are  December 10-22, 2022Fall Break is October 31-November 4, 2022. During this break no classes are scheduled. Classes begin again on  January 2, 2023 for first year graduate students and  January 9, 2023 for upper year students. The winter term ends  April 6, 2023. Final exams for the winter term are  April 13-30, 2023. Reading Week is  February 20-24, 2023. During this break no classes are scheduled.


If you are receiving a Western Graduate Student Scholarship (WGRS), it will be credited to your tuition fee account. Currently tuition and ancillary fees for Canadian students for fall 2021 total $3,147.40. For international MA students, tuition and ancillary fees total $7,607.40. The tuition and fees for international PhD students total $3,399.40. Health and Dental plan fees provide coverage from September 2020 through August 2021, and are collected from registered graduate students in September.

Teaching Assistantships and Living Expenses

If you are receiving a Teaching Assistantship (GTA), you will be paid in 8 equal monthly installments of approximately $1,400, with the first pay cheque deposited into the bank account indicated on  My Human Resources (MYHR) on September 29th. Therefore, you should have enough money with you for housing and other living expenses for the month of September. Teaching Assistantship assignments will be announced in September after your arrival.

The university is required to withhold a portion of your GTA for income tax. You can reduce the amount withheld by completing a TD1 form online in MYHR. These forms will be available in the Graduate Office at the time of registration.

Study Permits

All new employees who are neither (1) a permanent resident of Canada, nor (2) a Canadian citizen, are required to provide a valid study permit upon their arrival to Western. No Western paperwork can be completed until a copy of this document has been submitted to the Departmental Administrator. This document is instrumental in activating your employee identification number. The document is forwarded by the Departmental Administrator to the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and the Office of Employee Relations. International students should apply for a student authorization at the Canadian High Commission or Canadian Embassy in their country immediately after they have been accepted into the graduate program. The authorization could take up to 3 months to process as a medical is required.

Landing papers (if applicable)

For permanent residents of Canada only, please include a photocopy of both sides of your Permanent Resident Card or a photocopy of your Record of Landing. If you are applying to be a permanent resident, but have not been granted landed-immigrant status, you must apply as an international applicant.

Information for Visa Students

In order to help begin your studies at U.W.O., we have found the following information to be very useful.

  • If possible, it is best to book your flight directly to London, Ontario, Canada. Otherwise, Toronto, Ontario is the closest airport to London. If you arrive in Toronto, you can take the Robert Q Airbus (519) 673-6804, from the Toronto Airport to London. See schedule for departure and arrival times. The cost is approximately $55.00 (Canadian) per person.
  • If your flight is direct to London, you can take a taxi from the London Airport to the University. The cost is approximately $35.00.
  • If you arrive on a weekend, the University administration offices are closed on Saturdays and Sundays. Western Economics Department Office opens Monday at 8:30 am. The accommodation at Elgin Hall, as mentioned, would be the best choice as they are on campus and open 24 hours.
  • If you have been awarded a Graduate Teaching Assistantship, you must apply for a Social Insurance Number immediately upon your arrival to London (see below). To obtain a number, please visit the economics graduate office to have an employment contract completed, then go to Service Canada, 457 Richmond Street, P.O. Box 5711, London, Ontario N6A 4S7 (1-800-206-7218).
  • You will be required to enroll in the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) or an equivalent plan upon your arrival here in Canada.


Social Insurance Number

All new employees who are neither (1) a permanent resident of Canada, nor (2) a Canadian citizen, must apply for a Social Insurance Number. You are required to apply for this document in person. Service Canada is located at 457 Richmond Street, P.O. Box 5711, London, Ontario N6A 4S7 (1-800-206-7218). You can complete your application form at the Service Canada office when you arrive. No appointment is necessary. You must have your passport and valid student authorization available as supporting documents (no photocopies). There is no fee. Your number will arrive in approximately 4 weeks. Report your Social Insurance Number immediately to the Department Administrator.

Health Services

Western University provides a full service diagnostic and therapeutic facility at the Student Health Services in the UCC available to all registered part-time and full-time graduate students.

International Student Advising

Students from other countries who are recent arrivals on campus are advised to contact the International Student Centre. Counselors can help international students with immigration concerns, housing and financial matters and personal/cultural adjustment issues. The International Student Office is located in the Student Services Building, Suite 4100

Telephone 519-661-3031


If you have not already arranged for accommodation for the coming year, it is best that you visit London as early as possible during the summer (before August 19). Check the off-campus housing service. Rent for a one-bedroom, unfurnished apartment is approximately $550-$650; a furnished room with kitchen privileges in a private home should be less expensive at $350-$450. Also, the City of London’s web page has information and maps that can assist you.

Short-term Accommodation

Accommodation is available in Elgin Hall (a University residence) at $62.15 (tax included economy rate – no breakfast, no cleaning) per night or $355.95 (tax included economy rate) per week all summer until August 16, 2013. For reservations fill out their on-line application form.

Apartments and Townhouses

The Glenmore Single Students Apartment Complex and Platt's Lane Estates, Inc. (Family Housing) provide affordable apartments and townhouses for students (and their families) attending Western. They are owned and operated by Western University and are situated on campus.

The Glenmore Apartment Complex (Bayfield, Beaver, Ausable and Lambton Halls) is located at Western Road and Windermere Road. Questions about these apartments can be directed to either of the following offices:

Rental Office - Bayfield Hall
Room 105, 291 Windermere Rd.
London, Ontario, Canada N6G 2J9
Telephone: (519) 661-3250

Rental Office - Lambton Hall
Room 129, 1421 Western Rd.
London, Ontario, Canada N6G 4W4
Telephone: (519) 661-3963

Platt's Lane Estates, Inc. is at Platt's Lane and Western Road, and contains apartments and townhouses for students with families. Contact the following office for information and application forms:

The Manager
Platts Lane Estates Inc.
536 Platts Lane
London, Ontario, Canada N6G 3A8
Telephone: (519) 679-4561

Off-Campus Housing

Western provides a self-service viewing area in Lambton Hall to enable students to search for accommodation. This facility keeps extensive lists of available off-campus housing in the city of London and is open 7 days a week from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. It is also equipped with telephones that can be used free of charge.

Student Housing Service
Western University
Lambton Hall, 1421 Western Road
London, Ontario, Canada N6G 4W4
Telephone: (519) 661-3550
Fax: (519) 661-3687

Student Photo ID Card

Please go to the Student Services Building to obtain your photo identification card. You will require your Western Student Number (please check with the Department Administrator). This card is required for most university services (including keys, parking, library services, etc.).


All keys are requested using the Facilities Management online system.You will need your Western user ID and password to access the site. The Keys Office is located in the Support Services Building, Room 4150, across Western Road. Your Western Student ID card is required.


The Parking Office is located in the Support Services Building, Room 4150, Western Road. Parking applications are available on their website.


Telephones are generally not available to graduate students. However, if your office should have a telephone, it will be set up with your name attached to it and you will be listed in the on-line Western Directory.

Monthly billing statements will be distributed for long distance charges and other phone charges. These charges may be reimbursed to the Department Administrator by cash or personal cheque.

Setting up the cisco Voice Messaging System:

  • Initial voice mail password is the 5 digit extension number of your telephone number. The voice mail system will prompt you to change this password during the tutorial on your initial logon.

Logging Onto the System:

  • Dial the internal system number 83000, or press Message Key, enter your personal password. Please select menu options to record a greeting, record your name, change your password, or listen to your messages. Instructions from ITS are set out in an on-line tutorial.

Computer Accounts

Your Western Identity is assigned to you upon application to Western as a student or when you become an active employee of Western. More info is available on the ITS Website.  Refer to the Help Documents website of the Social Science Technology Services. To learn about access to the SSC network, see the Account Management website. Assistance may also be obtained via the Online Consultant. If you are having difficulties with your account call 519 661-2111 ext. 82152.

ITS E-mail Account

E-mail accounts are managed by Information Technology Services ( ITS). Confirmation of your username and password will be sent to you c/o your home department. If you are having difficulties with your account call 519 661-3800 or send a message to .

For information regarding Western ROAMS for remote access, see the ITS website on "Access How Do I...'s."


Graduate Students may participate in the Pension Plan for Administrative Staff provided they meet the eligibility requirements for part-time administrative staff.

  • You have earned at least 21 percent of the Canada Pension Plan earnings ceiling ($8,043 for 2001) in each of the two previous calendar years.
  • You have been employed for at least 24 continuous months.

Society of Graduate Students

All students paying tuition fees and ancillary fees are members of the Society of Graduate Students ( SOGS) and are automatically charged a membership fee at registration as part of the ancillary fee. SOGS is located in Room 260, UCC.

Telephone: 519 661-3394

Fall Party

The annual Department Fall Party is held early in the term in September. All graduate students, faculty, staff, and spouses and/or friends are invited. The party is a good opportunity to meet your classmates and get acquainted with Faculty.