PhD Stream - MA


Students are required to take the first year Ph.D. course sequence consisting of 9601A (Microeconomics I), 9603A (Macroeconomics I), 9605A (Econometrics I) and 9607A (Mathematical Economics I) in the first term. In the second term students are required to take 9602B (Microeconomics II), 9604B (Macroeconomics II), 9606B (Econometrics II) and Economics 9591/9592 (Applied M.A. Workshop).

Students who complete the M.A. program can be automatically admitted to the Ph.D. program, provided they have obtained an overall average of 85%. Students must sit for the comprehensive exams in the summer term immediately following the M.A. program. If successful, they automatically proceed into the Ph.D. program. Students following this route may complete the Ph.D. program in three years following the M.A.

Extended Study Option

For M.A. students holding 3-semester scholarships, we offer an extended study option consisting of a third term. Under this option the Applied M.A. Workshop course is a full course rather than a half course and is completed over two terms (winter and summer) rather than one. This option is open to all M.A. students.


For more information on the rules and regulations governing graduate programs in economics see the Notes for the Guidance of Graduate Students.